Things I Wish I Knew Thursday – Aerial Yoga

Apr 10
Aerial Yoga FUN!

Aerial Yoga FUN!

Things I Wish I Knew Thursday – Aerial Yoga


I wish I knew how much fun aerial yoga was 5 years ago! I feel lucky that I’ve come across it now. It’s better late then never! Last night I was playing around on the hammock (in my pajamas) and it was SO MUCH FUN! I practiced new moves and felt like I was really taking this practice into my own hands. Some people question how this practice can be considered yoga. I’ve spent hours playing around on the hammock to find that many of the poses we do in floor yoga are the same as what we do in aerial yoga – and of course linked with the breath and philosophy, well my friends, we’ve got yoga! The difference is that when we’re in the hammock, we can let the weight of gravity take the stretch deeper, letting us explore new muscles and areas of tension that we didn’t know existed before. As I’ve told many friends & clients – I’m officially a convert! The fact of the matter is: I love yoga and to be able to spice it up in a completely different way that makes my body feel amazing, there’s nothing better then that! Check out why I love to teach aerial yoga.

***I’m holding FREE aerial yoga demo sessions at my studio space in Sparkill, NY, which is in Rockland County. If you’ve never been on the hammock, come try it out! I’m doing 30-minute demos. I’d love to show you what the fabric can do and how amazing it will make you feel! Contact me NOW!

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