Archives: December 2011

Today as I was woken up at 8:30 A.M. on a Sunday from doors slamming outside my hotel room in Washington, D.C., I decided the only thing to help me get out some aggression at that very moment would be to run on the treadmill – that’s exactly what I did.

As I was in mid-run I came to the conclusion, which I have many times before, that I should be running A LOT more.

Then as I was mid sentence (in my head) I talked to myself about this word should and how every time I say I should do something…. It doesn’t happen.

Last week I was working on not rushing around in my life – so I thought this week would be a nice challenge to work on the shoulds in my life.

Here is everything I should be doing:

I should be working out more

I should meditate every single day

I should practice my sadhana everyday (let’s be honest, I’m human and definitely skip days!)

I should watch my sweet intake – as I KNOW it causes mucus!

I should write more blog posts

I should leave myself more time so I’m NOT rushing

I should make dinner every weeknight

The list goes on…

The reason I’ve become so aware of this word should is because this past year I worked with a life coach named Christine Faucher-Kelley. She brought to my attention that saying should does not mean I am fully committing. What I’ve figured out is that should is a pretty dull statement and to get things done, I must fully commit to my tasks by saying the right words to myself & others. Thank you Christine! I am learning that this is true and I’m on it. A change is in effect starting now.

I’ve Changed the phrase to:

I will work out more

I will meditate every day


What are the shoulds in your life?