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The Beauty of the Berkshires

The Beauty of the Berkshires

This weekend Chad and I ventured up to the Berkshires for some serious R&R at Kripalu Yoga Retreat Center. We’ve been up there before, but there’s something about the smell of freshly cut grass, the trees rustling in the wind and rain dropping outside.

From time to time I think it’s SO important to leave this wonderful city that we call home. The mountains seem to soothe my soul and give my mind/body that refreshing energy that I’m always looking for and can never find here in NYC.

I know deep down I’m not a city girl, and don’t think we’ll live here forever, but for right now we do live here and have no plans to move anytime soon. In that case, I better work hard at finding the right trips up to the mountains as frequently as I can. It’s those times in nature where I really feel I’m able to ground myself. In this city that I currently call home, finding that peace with nature is certainly a foreign concept. It’s only when I take trips down to the River when I’m able to actually find peace again, I think it’s all the background honking that really gets to me.

Can you find peace in this city? That’s the tricky question. Are you able to close your eyes on the subway and find peace? Can you walk down to the water with absolutely no agenda but just to breathe in the calming smell of water?

See what you can do for yourself to find peace today or this week – I challenge you in this. Are you rushing through the process we call life? Or are you stopping to take it all in? Slow down to the speed of life, I dare you.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful sunny day.