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This summer has been filled with hot days, nice breezes, lots of sun, friends, thunderstorms, family time, barbecues, travel, healthy food and a whole lot of yoga!

In this post I’m highlighting some of my best moments of the summer of 2013 – maybe I can inspire you to think back to what your best times were.

As we step into September there will be lots more to report – most importantly the birth of my nephew! Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Soak up the rest of summer as it’s slipping right through our fingers! If you haven’t checked out my e-book yet – here’s the link to my 21-day Fix Your Belly Blues Program.

Traveled to Greece
Learned how to properly roast beets to be bright red, tender and delicious! Thanks Aunty Sandy!
Hosted a weekend yoga retreat to upstate NY, which was a wonderful, eye opening experience – stay tuned for my next retreat coming up in 2014!
Floated in the Dead Sea, Israel
Drove near and far to different farmers markets to fill my fridge with local, organic, delicious fruits and veggies!
Volunteered as a counselor and yoga instructor at Camp Oasis – specifically for kids with crohns and colitis. This was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget.
Watched kitty Kali sunbathe in our new apartment located in Rockland County, NY
21-Day Restorative yoga challenge
I started welcoming yoga students into my own space in Sparkill, NY. I’m currently holding classes as well as privates in my studio space. See my schedule for more info. Please contact me about signing up for classes and privates.

Oasis Co-Counselors!

New Counselor Friends! That’s Alice on the Left!

After just returning home from a week at IBD camp I’m feeling so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such incredible people. I volunteered to be a counselor to 14, 15 year olds as well as teach some yoga classes – it was intense but absolutely amazing all at the same time. I was able to share my yoga knowledge with my campers by teaching them poses to do when their belly hurts, how they can relax fuller by using lavender oil and sleep better by doing very simple poses in bed. I feel as though I’ve touched their lives in a really special way and I know I’ll never forget it.

My hope is for everyone with IBD to give yoga a try, learn meditation, try breathing exercises – it’s changed my life immensely and I’m here to tell you that it can and will change yours too. Even if you don’t have crohns or colitis, yoga can help with pretty much everything. Find the right teacher and give up the fact that yoga has to be about getting a workout – that’s not what it’s for. Getting a workout may be a plus, but the goal in my eyes is to listen to your body, hear your breath, tune in to you and walk out of class feeling like a new person.

Cheers to all of you camp counselors out there – you are truly angels for helping these children find their confidence, speak up and make incredible memories that they will never forget.

Bright Sunshine Flower

This week someone asked me what my yogic philosophy is. I absolutely loved this question because my answer rolled off my tongue and I didn’t even have to think twice about it. I know it’s because I live, eat and breathe this stuff, but anyway – here it is:

Listen to your body and everything else will eventually fall into place. When you stop, listen and are aware of the breath and how the body feels – that’s when the magic happens. Stress releases, anxiety falls to the wayside and the only important thing is you and your body. How magical.

I hope you can take some time this weekend to check in, listen to your breath and find peace in your body.

I’ll be at camp for a week! Yep, that’s right, I’m a camp counselor for 1 week at Camp Oasis which is a special camp for kids with crohns and colitis. I’ll be doing lots of breathing and team work too!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Have you ever been in a down and depressed rut not knowing how to get yourself out of it? Yea, me too. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m in the rut or what got me there. What I do know is that it effects my belly in a negative way. Then, with one inspirational song that literally wakes me up I feel better – just like that, as if nothing ever happened. What is that about? Sometimes people, friends and family can help pull me out of a rut, but I just love it when it’s music that does the trick.

You know those songs where your whole body gets tingly and all you want to do is belt the music at the top of your lungs? Those are THE BEST! Sometimes music literally and physically soothes my soul. Are you with me?

Maybe you can find your wake up today. If yoga and meditation don’t always do the trick for you, get involved with music. Feel the beat through your body and enjoy.

It feels great to be alive and currently snuggling with my kitty Kali!

Here’s the song that woke me up:

Wake Me Up by Avicii. Click to Hear Song

Yoga in the Grass

Yoga in the Grass

Group Pic

Group Pic – Yoga Retreat!

After returning home from a wonderful weekend yoga retreat I’m feeling grateful, blessed and honored!

Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful women (and 1 man!)

Blessed to work in a field that is my passion.

Honored to have shared the energy, restoration and nature with each person at The Garden.

One of my favorite parts was showing the student’s different restorative poses that they can relax in. Then I watched as they used the poses to relax on their own without my instruction! Now that’s a true yogi listening to their body. Priceless.

Another highlight for me was practicing yoga in the grass. As we stood in tadasana, mountain pose, the wind blew across our faces and rustled the trees. The sounds of nature inspired me to create new sequences and step out of my comfort zone. I stayed completely in the moment. We even saw 2 deer cross the field in front of us – incredible!

The food was vegetarian fare, inventive,  flavorful and not boring at all! It was all the things I could have possibly wanted for my retreat! Thanks Abby and Travis!

To feel in my element, relaxed, and at ease while working is exactly how I’d like to continue my career.

Stay tuned for future retreats. Next time it will probably be more exotic – Mexico or Costa Rica anyone? Which would you prefer? I’d like to know who’s interested in joining so I can start putting a list together. Email or message me letting me know your interest!

Can’t wait to share the retreat experience with you – it’s truly incredible!