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I officially got back on my mat. I took a mini hiatus and with that I completely realized all over again how much this path to health is not just about eating properly – it’s about quieting the mind, de-stressing and soothing your soul too.  Sometimes I forget… I’m only human!

Yesterday I was in meditation and as I sat there, focused, relaxed and feeling good the bell chimed for me to finish and I was completely surprised that 30 minutes had passed so fast! WOOHOO!! I wish for everyone to find that in their meditation. What I wasn’t expecting was as soon as I finished my full morning practice, my mind was back on the hamster wheel. Even though I took that hour and a half to chill, calm my mind, breathe and quiet down, as soon as I came out of it I was back to thinking, planning, figuring out what I needed to do next.

What I realized was, without my sadhana my mind would be working to that capacity ALL the time! From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, to the moment I rest my head back down on the pillow. Phew…. That’s a lot of thoughts, planning, figuring etc…

I’m so thankful that I have come back to my sadhana. I wish that you too can find your own morning practice to take you to that place of real, deep relaxation. You deserve it. For all that you do, think and are throughout every single day.

Find time to soothe your soul. For us with digestive problems, it’s NOT only about food. You won’t realize that until you really make a change.

Work it…I know you can.

I leave you with my favorite quote by Swami Satchidananda:

“If you feel bound you are bound. If you feel liberated you are liberated. Things outside neither bind nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that.”

Today’s all about the revolution, what revolution you ask?

Yesterday I spoke to a man who had half of his colon removed due to ulcerative colitis – he said there’s only so much he can do now with only half of his colon but for those who do have their colon, there’s SO much to be done… Listen up everyone – we are starting a revolution in the IBD world (those who suffer from UC, crohns and other stomach problems) this disease can be changed and I believe there IS a cure! There, I finally said it. That’s what you’ve been wanting to hear isn’t it? The cure is to put in the work and effort to find the right diet and lifestyle that works for you and most importantly stick with it! It’s time to stop trying tons of diets, new fads and all that the media has to offer – it’s about time we listen to our bodies, get back to the garden and eat real, wholesome foods. It’s time to de-stress every single day, not just one time a week in yoga class or at the gym, but on your own at home.

The biggest news of the month for me is that I’m creating a program to help you with all of these aspects that I just mentioned. Hence the revolution I speak about above. It’s time for you to make your own revolution within your body. My program will focus on detox, how to find the right diet for you and how to create your own home practice where you can de-stress, breathe and feel great. We’ll teach you all types of tools to make this process of shifting into the world of health as seamless as possible. We can give you the tools, but it’s up to you to make the change.

This motivation is seeping out through my pores, I hope you can feel it. This revolution will be big!

Buckle up.

I leave you with this incredible song by Tracy Chapman.

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution:



The Real Grandma’s Chicken Soup

This past week I was in FL visiting my Grandmother. She is this cute, small, Polish woman who is the strongest woman & survivor that I know. Both her and my Grandfather survived the Holocaust and their stories only get more interesting each time I hear them. Now that my Grandfather has passed away, only my Grandmother’s stories are left for me to sit and listen to.

When we’re not telling stories I like to pick her brain about recipes. Who better to ask then her?!

This time I got her chicken soup recipe and I wrote the whole thing down!

Mine is on the pot right now and it’s smelling up my entire apartment building. YUM

I’m a rookie at this so I literally got every bit of information that one could possibly need for this recipe.

Here it is – savor it!


2 packages organic chicken thighs w/ skin

1 package organic chicken breast w/ skin


2 leek, washed very well and chopped

1 rutabega, chopped

3 carrots depending on size, chopped

2-3 stalks celery, chopped

2-3 small potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 yellow onion

1 bunch dill

Start by cutting open chicken packages and putting all chicken into a large soup pot. Cover with water and let boil. Discard water and wash chicken very well. Keep the skin on. Put washed chicken back in the clean soup pot leaving the skin on – then fill with water until chicken is completely covered and about 1-2 cups more (this you can eyeball)

Take off the onion shell and out the whole onion inside the pot (don’t cut it up, it’s unnecessary).

Chop all veggies to your liking and place inside the pot.

Put fire on medium-high and bring it up to a boil. Skim the top of the soup when you see the fat rise to the top.

Once boiling cover halfway and turn fire to low.

Continue to skim the top as needed.

**20 mins before you turn soup off put dill inside the soup – keep it tied up.

Cook for about 1.5 hrs – test carrots and chicken breast to make sure it’s done.

Once you turn off the heat let it cool. Then strain the broth for a smooth consommé that you can add rice, noodles or whatever else you might like. As for the veggies & chicken, keep them on the side and either add them into the soup, or use them for another dish.

Once soup is completely cooled, place in containers and put in fridge. The next day make sure to skim the top of the soup as there will be fat that has risen to the top. Then place in freezer and keep for a rainy day!



I promised to follow up from my previous post about the new security machines at the airport. I’ve done a good amount of research and there are numerous sites who’s information says ones thing and another site who says something else…

The bottom line is this: it is unknown the harm that these new x-ray machines can cause us. My question is, why put yourself through an optional machine where researchers are uncertain of the effects of it! If it’s not good for pregnant women, children and anyone who might possibly get breast cancer in the future then I don’t know who it is good for.

I urge you to choose wisely before going through security. There aren’t too many people who opt out, but why not? Even if they make you wait 10 minutes for your pat down, or it feels like they are judging you, who cares?! It’s your health, your body and that’s what you need to take care of.

Check out this website for more information regarding this issue:

Yours in health,


Have you traveled lately?

If you have, you’ve experienced these new machines that send radiation through your body. They were put in place so that TSA can check to see if you’re hiding any explosives in your private parts….

Let’s be real, it’s RIDICULOUS!

The fact that on more then one account, by accident, Chad has gotten through security with box cutters!! More then one!! Can you believe that?? They were in his backpack and he forgot to take them out. I’d like to think that our safety is being taken care of but with the box cutter incident more then once, I have a hard time with that.

TSA has got some serious work to do. It seems that the people they hire hate their jobs… you can tell by their face. Each time I opt out of the radiation machine it’s like they are appalled that they have to pat me down. It’s a pretty invasive pat down, but if that’s what it will take so I don’t have to incur unnecessary radiation through my body then that’s what I’ll do. I close my ears, and eyes to their absolute rudeness (especially in NY).  I just can’t believe how unpleasant flying has become. Especially since it takes forever to actually have someone come over to pat you down – I now have to leave extra time so that I won’t be late for my flight. I used to love flying, now it’s a pain in the neck.

I know I have to work on changing the way I feel about it because it’s my choice to fly, but it’s one thing that still gives me a bit of anxiety, especially since I have to wait to be patted down while my bags, computer etc. are waiting on the other end for someone else to snatch up… Scary…

I am currently waiting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport for my flight to depart and I have a few moments to just breathe… My next post will be about the radiation machines and why you should opt out. Just because it’s the new ‘norm’ don’t be fooled to give your body more radiation – you already get enough by living in NYC and other cities in the world.