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Sunshine goes a long way

Sunshine goes a long way

Since you already know (if you read my blog often) that I’m constantly interested in changing up my routine and trying new things to help boost my health. Well the news on my end is that I’m in the middle of reading Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet – which by the way is INCREDIBLE – and you should get out there and purchase it because she is a serious healing wellness warrior as she likes to say. Anyway, Kris also made a documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, filming her life after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that can’t be treated the typical way. I was so intrigued by her book that I ordered the movie on Netflix and watched it the same day it landed in my mailbox 🙂 Thank you Netflix!

After watching the movie I had to watch the extras (which in my opinion are the best part!) and in this particular film, there are lots of fun ones to see.

In one of the sections Kris makes her morning green smoothie, which I have now adapted into my own and am loving it as my breakfast! As she says (and I have always said too) that juicing/smoothies give your digestive system a nice break. For us ulcerative colitis sufferers, it’s best not to bombard the body with hard to digest breakfast foods first things in the morning.

So here’s how I’ve made this smoothie work for me – I use my Vitamix:

1 1/4 cup coconut water

½ organic cucumber (if it’s not organic then peel the skin off, otherwise leave the skin on for the nutrients)

½ organic avocado

1 bunch organic spinach

2 shakes turmeric spice

2-5 shakes ground cinnamon

Tiniest pinch of organic stevia – a very little bit goes a very long way

It’s SO yummy and is quite filling that you won’t need anything more for breakfast. You can even add unsweetened coconut flakes on the top and stir it in for some crunch.

As Kris says, enjoy your liquid sunshine. Don’t forget to check out her book, maybe even see the movie too, it’s definitely up-lifting.

With love,