Archives: March 2013

Everything Is Going to be Alright

I’m reading this book called The Journey by Brandon Bays. In the book she shares her story of how she healed a cancerous tumor in 6 weeks, yep, she made it disappear. WOW! It’s stories like hers that make my mouth drop and have me staring off into space thinking to myself that anything’s possible.

How did she do it? She went inside her tumor and found what was stuck there. She worked on clearing it out emotionally and within 6 weeks there was no sign of the tumor at all.

If it were that simple, how come we aren’t all doing this?

Well I’ve found it to be very challenging to figure out exactly what is “stuck” in me. Recently an issue came up for me that I hadn’t thought about since high school. This particular issue had me working to remember what exactly happened and how it affected me at the time. Wow, going back into the past is pretty powerful. Even as a young teenager I somehow brushed my emotions under the carpet so that I could go on and have a “normal” high school experience.

Maybe this particular issue is the one stuck inside my digestive tract. Maybe this issue coupled with a few others are what’s stuck to my insides. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I’m working on it.

To me, it’s amazing how this one book has helped me dig deeper then where I’ve already been. I’d say I’m pretty in touch with my emotions, but maybe there’s more that I’ve been unaware of until now.

Even when you think you’ve done the work, there always seems to be more that creeps up. I’d say it’s all worth taking a look at to see how you’ve neglected to get rid of any pent up emotions. If you don’t clear those emotions, then they get stuck in your cells creating disease.

I believe it, do you?