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Yoga in the Grass

Yoga in the Grass

Group Pic

Group Pic – Yoga Retreat!

After returning home from a wonderful weekend yoga retreat I’m feeling grateful, blessed and honored!

Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful women (and 1 man!)

Blessed to work in a field that is my passion.

Honored to have shared the energy, restoration and nature with each person at The Garden.

One of my favorite parts was showing the student’s different restorative poses that they can relax in. Then I watched as they used the poses to relax on their own without my instruction! Now that’s a true yogi listening to their body. Priceless.

Another highlight for me was practicing yoga in the grass. As we stood in tadasana, mountain pose, the wind blew across our faces and rustled the trees. The sounds of nature inspired me to create new sequences and step out of my comfort zone. I stayed completely in the moment. We even saw 2 deer cross the field in front of us – incredible!

The food was vegetarian fare, inventive,  flavorful and not boring at all! It was all the things I could have possibly wanted for my retreat! Thanks Abby and Travis!

To feel in my element, relaxed, and at ease while working is exactly how I’d like to continue my career.

Stay tuned for future retreats. Next time it will probably be more exotic – Mexico or Costa Rica anyone? Which would you prefer? I’d like to know who’s interested in joining so I can start putting a list together. Email or message me letting me know your interest!

Can’t wait to share the retreat experience with you – it’s truly incredible!

VT Crew

After returning home from an incredible yoga training in Vermont with Will Duprey, I’ve had a bit of a hard time assimilating back into “normal” city life.

Well, there I was, completely immersed in yoga day in and day out for two straight weeks. I felt great, (except for some belly issues due to the food) I continued my meditation and breath work practice and was surrounded by incredible, fun and lively people who were all in the same boat as me.
Then I arrived back to NYC and felt like the tiniest fish in a very large ocean. My emotions were soaring high those first two days because not only was I forced to say goodbye to some amazing people but I was also heading back to chaotic New York City. On most days I absolutely love the city but it is a challenge to get thrown back into it after being immersed in yogi land.

Now here I am, back in NYC and already I survived an earthquake AND a hurricane all in the same week! When it rains is certainly does pour!

My emotions have calmed down now but I am faced with asking myself the question: how will I keep up this positive, confident, soaring high feeling while living in NYC? So far what I’ve done is kept in touch with lots of people from my training and I will continue to do so. Only we understand the healing and positive energy we received from being present together in the same space for 2 whole weeks. I know that I can continue feeling great – although, let’s be honest, I know it will change as I travel along my journey.

My main focus is to stay positive, keep in touch and feel good.

My journey continues and so does yours.

Here is a blog post I hand wrote while away on my yoga training that I just returned home from. I was in Vermont for two weeks and now I’m slowly settling back in

Here I am, the last couple of days of my training and I’ve learned an abundance of information not only about my spiritual practice but… you guessed it, my belly speaks again.

Although the chef and staff on retreat have been great and very accommodating to my gluten free needs, the food has not been as clean as I’m used to and I’m certainly paying for it now.

I started getting uncontrollably tired and I wasn’t quite sure why. My body started sending more messages like heartburn and that’s finally when I put my foot down. I stopped eating the acidic meals that the chef was preparing and the next day I immediately felt a difference and wasn’t tired! I slept well, woke up refreshed and was ready to learn 🙂

My question for you is: what in your life is making you tired? Is it eating too much food that your body can’t digest? Acidity? Mucus? Sugar? Work? Relationships? What in your life is dragging you down and how can you put an end to it?

Please take a minute to stop and think about this. Tune into your body because like I always say: your body is your temple and you’re the only one who can control what goes in and out.

The Beauty of the Berkshires

The Beauty of the Berkshires

This weekend Chad and I ventured up to the Berkshires for some serious R&R at Kripalu Yoga Retreat Center. We’ve been up there before, but there’s something about the smell of freshly cut grass, the trees rustling in the wind and rain dropping outside.

From time to time I think it’s SO important to leave this wonderful city that we call home. The mountains seem to soothe my soul and give my mind/body that refreshing energy that I’m always looking for and can never find here in NYC.

I know deep down I’m not a city girl, and don’t think we’ll live here forever, but for right now we do live here and have no plans to move anytime soon. In that case, I better work hard at finding the right trips up to the mountains as frequently as I can. It’s those times in nature where I really feel I’m able to ground myself. In this city that I currently call home, finding that peace with nature is certainly a foreign concept. It’s only when I take trips down to the River when I’m able to actually find peace again, I think it’s all the background honking that really gets to me.

Can you find peace in this city? That’s the tricky question. Are you able to close your eyes on the subway and find peace? Can you walk down to the water with absolutely no agenda but just to breathe in the calming smell of water?

See what you can do for yourself to find peace today or this week – I challenge you in this. Are you rushing through the process we call life? Or are you stopping to take it all in? Slow down to the speed of life, I dare you.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

Hi friends,

Have you ever heard of Kripalu? Well if you haven’t boy have I got news to share with you! It’s a yoga retreat center up in the Berkshires in MA. Chad and I went to this place last weekend not knowing what to expect – we knew we needed to relax so that’s why we signed up for the relax and renew program to just chill out! We were both spiraling into a stressed out world and knew that we needed to get away.

We stayed in the annex which is the air-conditioned, luxurious part of the whole place – yes it was beautiful. The whole place is very green conscious and even the room we stayed in had all eco friendly materials, furniture, flooring, everything!

It was awesome!

I do have to say this, the place focuses a lot on yoga and there are wonderful classes to take that are included in your package. There are other packages to take as well, for example when a visiting teacher comes they create a whole program based on it, check their website to see if any of your heroes will be making an appearance there.  All 3 of your meals are included in your program as well, and the food was amazing. Although, I don’t think I was so used to all the fiber and ended up having some issues on the second day… Beware of that!

We took a meditation class, I took a class on having a healthy gut (obviously!! HA), we took a yoga nidra class, which is yogic sleep and there are many other options to choose from.

We both came out of the weekend feeling refreshed and renewed, which was exactly what we needed.

When you feel yourself getting too wrapped up in your own head with stress and negative thoughts, take yourself out of the situation and find the getaway that’s right for you. Kripalu was PERFECT for us and I highly recommend it. I’m just so thankful that I’m still young and I found this now, as opposed to being older and missing out on it for all those years.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are, get yourself on a retreat and you won’t regret it – who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a positive bunch of people?! Go for it!