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Here is a blog post I hand wrote while away on my yoga training that I just returned home from. I was in Vermont for two weeks and now I’m slowly settling back in

Here I am, the last couple of days of my training and I’ve learned an abundance of information not only about my spiritual practice but… you guessed it, my belly speaks again.

Although the chef and staff on retreat have been great and very accommodating to my gluten free needs, the food has not been as clean as I’m used to and I’m certainly paying for it now.

I started getting uncontrollably tired and I wasn’t quite sure why. My body started sending more messages like heartburn and that’s finally when I put my foot down. I stopped eating the acidic meals that the chef was preparing and the next day I immediately felt a difference and wasn’t tired! I slept well, woke up refreshed and was ready to learn 🙂

My question for you is: what in your life is making you tired? Is it eating too much food that your body can’t digest? Acidity? Mucus? Sugar? Work? Relationships? What in your life is dragging you down and how can you put an end to it?

Please take a minute to stop and think about this. Tune into your body because like I always say: your body is your temple and you’re the only one who can control what goes in and out.