Archives: July 2014

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

“Free Yourself” – the wise words of a graffiti artist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To me – it means a lot. Ever since I graduated college I’ve worked hard to find “my place” in the career world. Everything that I’ve done up until this point was crucial in helping to shape me into who I am today. Let me tell you though – getting here was tough. My mind Read more »

Love Over Fear

The negative stories we tell ourselves ring true and might even turn into disease.

What if you woke up every single morning and before you got out of bed said 3 positive words or phrases to yourself? I’ve realized that we become our thoughts. Even if you woke up this morning and you didn’t sleep well, you feel sick, Read more »

Soul Flyte - Nyack's boutique AntiGravity yoga and fitness studio!

I just returned home from a nice 4-day mini get away with Chad. We went down to Maryland/ D.C. for a wedding. I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel after taking a step back from my work. I’ve been working really hard on building a Read more »