Soul Flyte: Yoga Evolved. Fitness Transformed

Jul 7

Soul Flyte - Nyack's boutique AntiGravity yoga and fitness studio!

I just returned home from a nice 4-day mini get away with Chad. We went down to Maryland/ D.C. for a wedding. I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel after taking a step back from my work. I’ve been working really hard on building a new brand, website and actual studio space for my new business called Soul Flyte. It’s an AntiGravity yoga and fitness studio located in Nyack, NY.  I’ll continue teaching regular yoga classes at a couple of local studios and Gyms as well as privates at the Soul Flyte studio. This new brand is building on what I’ve already created. I’ll still focus on working with people who have digestive problems, anxiety and stress only now I’ll have even more tools to use then before!

I am extremely excited for this studio to come into the world AND my nerves take my belly for a roller coaster ride as well. That’s why it was really nice to step back, breathe and put everything into perspective. It helped that everyone else in the USA was also on vacation last weekend so that literally nothing could get done even though I wanted it to! I’m grateful to have had the time to regroup and put my mind at ease. Whenever I step back I always get great ideas – there is really something to it. Take it from me, if you’re in it  – step back, take a walk, turn off your phone/email and chill the f*ck out.

Cheers to sunny days, iced tea, fresh fruit and everything else that summer has to offer!

Stay tuned for more info on when the studio will open.


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