May 5


Since moving to Sparkill, NY in Rockland County I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few fantastic yoga/meditation students. Recently a local woman called me who was looking for someone to help heal her belly blues. She wanted to learn meditation, yoga and ways to practice on her own at home – what a perfect match we were!  The Universe played its part as matchmaker as well as Google! I have so much gratitude in my heart as she wrote me a beautiful testimonial – here it is below:

“Earlier this year I conferenced with Shira on the phone and what a relief it was to finally talk to someone who understood what was going on with my stomach! In desperation and in determination not to use prescription or over the counter medication, I did an Internet search for someone who could teach me meditation, yoga and address my stomach ails. I didn’t think I would find someone who could address all three, but I did! Shira was perfect for what I needed. She taught me in a simple and doable way, how to relax my body (particularly my stomach) through breathing and meditation and how to incorporate yoga into my daily routines. I couldn’t believe that I finally was able to quiet my mind and do some simple, but very effective yoga asanas everyday and feel so good afterwards.

I had been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD and was to take “the little purple pill.” With Shira’s guidance and dietary suggestions (she took the time to research and email me her findings) I did not have to resort to taking any medicine, Instead I did what she suggested and now my condition is under control with the added perk of knowing what to do when I feel a flare up coming.

I sincerely believe that the universe guided me to Shira and I all the better for it. It isn’t often that we encounter people who genuinely care and whose energy fills you with peace when you are in their presence.

If you are looking for someone with patience, understanding and knowledge on how to deal with stress Shira is the one to reach out to. If you want to improve your quality of life, Shira is the one to seek out. You will be so grateful that you did.”

MP Tappan, New York

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