Archives: September 2012

I always hear people preaching about how it’s SO important to eat in a peaceful place, without distraction ie: tv, radio, magazine, computer, book etc… I have to say that I do agree with this and I know in a perfect world, we’d all be sitting quietly eating our food in peace. I’ve done this before, and boy is it amazing – there’s really nothing like it.

BUT – in New York City this is next to impossible. Well… I shouldn’t say impossible because anything’s possible right? Sure it is.

With a daily schedule that doesn’t allow for a 1-hour lunch break that’s calm and peaceful, we resort to eating on the go; watching TV or playing on the computer while we eat because there isn’t enough time do this otherwise!

Here’s my challenge for you: can you find a way to do all the things you do while you eat but ALSO pay attention to what your eating? Can you pay attention to when you feel full? Maybe that means you don’t finish your entire meal and you save the rest for later. OR maybe it means that you pin point one specific flavor in your food to be aware of exactly what it is that you’re eating. Find something to be aware of while you eat while on the go and watching TV!

This task won’t be easy, but I definitely recommend that you try it.

Don’t put yourself down if you simply want to watch tv or play on the computer while eating – we can multi task quite well! Just be mindful of what exactly you’re doing while you’re doing it.