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Mexican vacation - those are kite surfers in the background!

Mexican vacation – those are kite surfers in the background!

Chad and I finally took a real 10-day Mexican vacation! Typically when we travel it’s for business and we might tack on an extra day or two to go somewhere else – but this time it was solely pleasure and boy did we need it! I feel refreshed, alive, rested and most importantly excited to be back home doing what I love – educating myself and others on how to heal their digestive issues naturally by practicing daily yoga, breathing and meditation. Read more »

Happy Cow!

Whenever we travel I’m constantly looking for the healthy food options – as I’ve mentioned in past blogs! There’s an incredible website that’s been helpful in finding us healthy food all around the world – it’s called Happy Cow. I would never travel without consulting with it first as well as Yelp – but Yelp isn’t always in the  smaller cities. Check it out and travel in a whole new way next time. When traveling to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum – that’s where we are right now – Happy Cow has your back! They’ll tell you where to eat and I’ll tell you what to eat. Now you can travel the healthy way too! Happy traveling!

Meditation in Sedona Red Rocks

Meditation in Sedona Red Rocks

Chad and I traveled to Sedona, AZ and Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago – it was such a great time that I have to share with you. What are the chances that there would be a yoga festival going on at the same time we were visiting Sedona? Chad thinks I planned it, but I promise that I had NO clue! We landed in Phoenix, I turned on my phone, checked Facebook and saw a post from one of my favorite teachers – Yogi Charu. He wrote: can’t wait for my trip to Sedona. So I wrote him a message wondering what he was doing there. Turns out he was teaching at the Sedona Yoga Festival which was happening the same weekend we arrived AND the classes we liked were taking place IN our hotel! Holy moly! You can imagine that I was completely in heaven. Chad was an awesome sport and took part in the festival with me for one day. We were completely blissed out by the end of our trip. The hiking, good food, yoga, clean air, great convo and a whole lot of relaxation made for an incredible trip.

Then we made it to Vegas, which was a total shock to our systems! Lights, noise, pollution, money, money, money! Even with all the noise in Vegas I managed to sneak away to take an anti-gravity restorative yoga class (not on the strip). I left feeling blissed out again and ready to take on the rest of my time in Vegas. I even found a delicious, healthy and organic lunch spot (also off the strip) that I was able to nourish myself in.

Fresh Mama Cafe in Nevada - 15 minutes from Vegas

Fresh Mama Cafe in Nevada – 15 minutes from the Vegas strip

The only way to travel is to research where the locals go. Yelp is a huge help when we’re traveling – we use it to find restaurants and fun things to do that might be off the beaten path. Next time you travel, make it a point to seek out some non-conventional activities and restaurants. Remember, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to eat crappy food and feel like crap too- travel the healthy way! Here’s another post about planning for your travel. Our next trip is Mexico! Crossing my fingers to find healthy options there.






Rice paddies behind me in Ubud, Bali

Meditation underneath the banyan tree

Yoga in Ubud, Bali

We just returned home from a trip to Asia. For the past 2 years Chad has gone to China for business. This time I went with him and we snuck in Bali and called it the 3rd and final part of our honeymoon!

What an incredible place. Hong Kong was a beautiful city too. Most parts are modern, well taken care of, very up to date and super efficient! Most importantly for us – everyone spoke English! I can’t say the same for mainland China… it was quite a different place, lots of smog, smelly water and where we were in Guangzhou, which is southern China, not many people spoke English. Let’s just say it was the harder part of our trip – not to mention this is where Chad got sick. Yup, food poisoning… Which was bizarre because we were SO careful, only eating vegetarian for the entire trip, only drinking bottled water, the works. He still managed to get it… He recovered the next day and we moved on, but still, man was that rough!

Bali was my favorite part of the trip. We were completely immersed in their culture, which by the way is very centered around their faith. Mostly everyone we encountered was so nice that it felt like there weren’t any Balinese people out there who would hurt another soul – of course that’s not true, but that’s how it felt.

Being surrounded by a culture that is fully family centered, faith centered and truly believes in luck was eye opening. Most people are so thankful for their jobs and happy to help. It was a totally different world from our abode here in NYC and it was a fantastic break from everyday life. All in all, we absolutely loved it.

The best part about Ubud, Bali is that going out to eat for Chad and I was simple! There are so many organic & healthy restaurants that it was hard to choose which one to go to each night! We even found LOTS of gluten free items!! We were spoiled by the freshness, brightness and care that was put into the food.

My next post will be focused on the incredible food in Bali, stay tuned for the follow up.