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Happy Cow!

Whenever we travel I’m constantly looking for the healthy food options – as I’ve mentioned in past blogs! There’s an incredible website that’s been helpful in finding us healthy food all around the world – it’s called Happy Cow. I would never travel without consulting with it first as well as Yelp – but Yelp isn’t always in the  smaller cities. Check it out and travel in a whole new way next time. When traveling to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum – that’s where we are right now – Happy Cow has your back! They’ll tell you where to eat and I’ll tell you what to eat. Now you can travel the healthy way too! Happy traveling!


I have found my gluten free baking savior! Yes, it’s true, I, like many of you are not always in the mood to whip up my dessert or meal for that matter. You can imagine that having a gluten free, dairy free and no refined sugar lifestyle that it may be quite difficult for me to eat out. Well you’re absolutely right! I find it almost impossible to eat out at restaurants because I’m constantly battling with eating too much and getting a stomachache from the ingredients that they use – so most of the time you will find me cooking in my own home.

When I find that one place to run to each time my belly craves something sweet (and I’m not making it myself) then I am so so so so thankful!

Babycakes is the name of the bakery.

It’s located in NYC on Broome Street between Ludlow and Orchard.

Not only do they have gluten free, soy free, unrefined sugar baked goods but they are also vegan!

You would never even know that their goods lack gluten, eggs, dairy, soy and unrefined sugar. Everything and I mean everything tastes absolutely delicious.

If you’re down in the lower east side, I definitely recommend this place over any other bakery you may pass along the way – hold your crave for a babycakes treat.

Even if you don’t have a food sensitivity this place is STILL better then your typical bakery. Their ingredients are what you should be eating for a snack instead of the gluten bloating, sugar filled cupcake from any other store.

Give it a whirl, I guarantee you will be impressed.