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A day or weekend out in the country completely soothes my soul.

I can’t think of anything better then being surrounded by oxygen generating trees, beautiful plants and flowers and the sound of birds, squirrels and many other animals going about their business.

When I spend time at my family’s country house up near Woodstock, NY, not only am I surrounded by loving family, but the smell of nature grounds me and brings me back down from being on a city high.

Living in NYC is actually wonderful, but sometimes I get so caught up in the rush that I forget to stay grounded and I become flighty, forgetful and stressed.

One day out in the country is all I need to reset my soul.

What is it that your body craves to keep you grounded?

Here are pictures of me practicing yoga among the trees.





This past weekend I helped my husband Chad complete a juice cleanse that he randomly decided he wanted to do. Clearly I am all for cleaning out and thought this was incredible that he decided to do this on his own! No push from me!

If he was going to do this, then I was going to make all the juices for him!

That’s exactly what I did and they were absolutely delicious – all of them.

I did get inspiration from Blueprint Cleanse but made sure mine were even more delicious – I’ll post the recipes below.

Here’s why I love juice cleanses:

Your digestive system gets a major break and isn’t constantly working.

The cleanse allows for your entire body to fully rest – that’s why I recommend doing it over a weekend or when you have time off of work – the lowest amount of stress, the better.

This is time for YOU.

The body rids itself of inflammation and aches/pains are likely to dissolve.

You will have increased energy by day #2 – On the morning of day 2, Chad shot out of bed and said – let’s go on a walk! I didn’t have as much energy as him so I declined but was excited that he was feeling so great.

Doesn’t this sound incredible already?! Why haven’t you done it?? Don’t be scared or nervous, the body knows what to do with pure, raw fruits and vegetables – it doesn’t know what to do with processed crap that we put into our bodies day after day. What I mean here is: your body will thrive off of just juice for 3 days (or however many days you decide to do.)

***The trick here is if you do this cleanse properly, you won’t feel hungry. Amazing right?

When I talk about a juice cleanse – I’m not talking about buying apple or orange juice from the store – I mean fresh pressed greens, and other amazing vegetables.

Here is what I juiced:

Beet, carrot = DELICIOUS

Lemon, grapefruit, celery, pineapple

Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, romaine, lemon, ginger

Red or green bell pepper, garlic, sweet potato, celery

Cayenne, lemon, maple syrup – not in the juicer

Cashews, water, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup – made this in the Vitamix


This post is for those who have never tried acupuncture. If you suffer from disease or pain, you must find yourself the right practitioner. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine where your healer not only wants to know what hurts in your body but they actually want to know how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. She looks at my body as a whole – starting with my face, eyes, and skin coloring. Then she checks my tongue, pulses and feels the temperature of my body. Not only does she work to heal my digestive problems, but she also helps me reduce stress in my body, mind and spirit by allowing me to take 50 minutes to rest without anywhere else to be. It’s my time and I love it. There are no distractions only my own mind, which I work to quiet as I receive treatment.

Last week my body was fighting a cold and my symptoms included having a headache, jaw pain and restless sleep. I was treated for these cold symptoms as well as my regular stomach digestive problems and granted, the next day I was feeling a bit under the weather, but the day after that I was back to myself! It’s almost as though the acupuncture helped speed up the process of my cold and I was able to ‘get it out’ without actually having a full-blown cold.

All I can say is that I feel incredible after treatment from my acupuncturist. I am relaxed, elated and am ready to conquer the rest of my day. I promise if you find the right practitioner you won’t be disappointed. Please give it a shot, it’s for your health and you deserve to feel your best.

If you’d like to learn more about it please check out THIS book.

Take care of your temple, it’s the only place you ever HAVE to live.