Homemade Juice Cleanse

Oct 19



This past weekend I helped my husband Chad complete a juice cleanse that he randomly decided he wanted to do. Clearly I am all for cleaning out and thought this was incredible that he decided to do this on his own! No push from me!

If he was going to do this, then I was going to make all the juices for him!

That’s exactly what I did and they were absolutely delicious – all of them.

I did get inspiration from Blueprint Cleanse but made sure mine were even more delicious – I’ll post the recipes below.

Here’s why I love juice cleanses:

Your digestive system gets a major break and isn’t constantly working.

The cleanse allows for your entire body to fully rest – that’s why I recommend doing it over a weekend or when you have time off of work – the lowest amount of stress, the better.

This is time for YOU.

The body rids itself of inflammation and aches/pains are likely to dissolve.

You will have increased energy by day #2 – On the morning of day 2, Chad shot out of bed and said – let’s go on a walk! I didn’t have as much energy as him so I declined but was excited that he was feeling so great.

Doesn’t this sound incredible already?! Why haven’t you done it?? Don’t be scared or nervous, the body knows what to do with pure, raw fruits and vegetables – it doesn’t know what to do with processed crap that we put into our bodies day after day. What I mean here is: your body will thrive off of just juice for 3 days (or however many days you decide to do.)

***The trick here is if you do this cleanse properly, you won’t feel hungry. Amazing right?

When I talk about a juice cleanse – I’m not talking about buying apple or orange juice from the store – I mean fresh pressed greens, and other amazing vegetables.

Here is what I juiced:

Beet, carrot = DELICIOUS

Lemon, grapefruit, celery, pineapple

Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, romaine, lemon, ginger

Red or green bell pepper, garlic, sweet potato, celery

Cayenne, lemon, maple syrup – not in the juicer

Cashews, water, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup – made this in the Vitamix


  • Chad says: I can’t thank you enough for juicing for me! I am soooo appreciative. My favorite juice was the dessert 🙂

    Cashews, water, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup

    I think the next time I crave a malted milkshake, we’ll do this instead. It was delicious and nutritious.


  • Mike says: I stumbled on your site while searching for homemade juice recipes and was curious on your recipes. Can you provide any more specifics on how you made these, i.e. quantities of each item, etc? I imagine that I will need at least 8 oz’s of each, and have no idea how much of each fruit or veggie that I would need to juice. I’m ready to dust off my juicer and put it to good use! Thank you.

  • Shira says: Hi Mike,

    I’m glad you’re intersted in juicing! It’s so healthy 🙂
    The thing is, each juicer is different and will make different amount of juice per veggie.
    For my juicer when I made the beet, carrot juice I used 1 beet and about 3-4 carrots, but again, it’s really about eye-balling. To start, depending on what you want to juice – I would suggest buying a bunch of carrots, 1 head of spinach, 1 head or 1 package of spinach, 1 bell pepper, 1 lemon, 4-5 celery (these are good fillers for any juice you make) 1 cucumber, 1 head of romaine (you won’t use the whole thing), 1 sweet potato, 1 head of garlic, you’ll only use 1-2 cloves. This also depends how many days you want to juice for. The heads of greens will last you for more then one juice, but the individual veggies will last for about 1 juice. I hope that helps! You can always start small and then purchase more as needed so you don’t waste $$.
    Happy juicing!!

  • Katharine says: Hi,

    I am thinking about doing this cleanse http://terrinyc.com/cleanse.html but it is $155 ..(cheaper than blueprint) I am just wondering how much it cost you to do the cleanse at home? Also, do you need a powerful blender?


    • Shira says: I don’t know the exact cost of this cleanse, but it certainly is the cheapest way to go if considering Terri’s cleanse, or Blueprint. You do need a powerful blender or jucier. If you use a blender you will need a nut milk bag to strain the liquid, otherwise you will have lots of pulp and it will be very chunky. Good luck!

  • Jamie says: Hello! I am planning to try a juice cleanse and was just wondering how often throughout the day should i drink the juices? Is it at certain times during the day?

    • Shira says: Hi Jamie,
      I recommend drinking the juices during your regular meal times with 2 drinks in between. Breakfast, “snack”, lunch, “snack”, dinner and then your dessert juice (if needed).

  • KK says: How far in advance were you able to make these juices? Did you have to juice every day, or are you able to store them in the refrigerator for the week?

  • lizzy says: This might be a dumb question can you just blend the fruits and veggie or do you have to use a juicer. I have a vitamix at home but I’m out of town I want to try a cleanse but I don’t have a juicer

  • Bobbijo says: I also stumbled on your site, sounds delish. Any pointers on the cashew drink? How many cashews did you use? Sund great but I have no idea of ratios like maple syrup to water to pepper to be effective, now often do you take this? Thanks

  • Lei says: So he didn’t eat food during this three day period correct?

    • Shira says: Right – he just drank juice 🙂

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