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Meditation in Sedona Red Rocks

Meditation in Sedona Red Rocks

Chad and I traveled to Sedona, AZ and Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago – it was such a great time that I have to share with you. What are the chances that there would be a yoga festival going on at the same time we were visiting Sedona? Chad thinks I planned it, but I promise that I had NO clue! We landed in Phoenix, I turned on my phone, checked Facebook and saw a post from one of my favorite teachers – Yogi Charu. He wrote: can’t wait for my trip to Sedona. So I wrote him a message wondering what he was doing there. Turns out he was teaching at the Sedona Yoga Festival which was happening the same weekend we arrived AND the classes we liked were taking place IN our hotel! Holy moly! You can imagine that I was completely in heaven. Chad was an awesome sport and took part in the festival with me for one day. We were completely blissed out by the end of our trip. The hiking, good food, yoga, clean air, great convo and a whole lot of relaxation made for an incredible trip.

Then we made it to Vegas, which was a total shock to our systems! Lights, noise, pollution, money, money, money! Even with all the noise in Vegas I managed to sneak away to take an anti-gravity restorative yoga class (not on the strip). I left feeling blissed out again and ready to take on the rest of my time in Vegas. I even found a delicious, healthy and organic lunch spot (also off the strip) that I was able to nourish myself in.

Fresh Mama Cafe in Nevada - 15 minutes from Vegas

Fresh Mama Cafe in Nevada – 15 minutes from the Vegas strip

The only way to travel is to research where the locals go. Yelp is a huge help when we’re traveling – we use it to find restaurants and fun things to do that might be off the beaten path. Next time you travel, make it a point to seek out some non-conventional activities and restaurants. Remember, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to eat crappy food and feel like crap too- travel the healthy way! Here’s another post about planning for your travel. Our next trip is Mexico! Crossing my fingers to find healthy options there.

My sister Mika eating dinner at the amusement park

Do you have trouble finding healthy options when you travel? I know, it’s tough to keep to your same healthy food routine when traveling, but I have to say that it’s definitely possible. I’m not only talking about when you travel on an airplane going thousands of miles away, but what about when you go to I don’t know – let’s say an amusement park. What do you do when you know the only options will be pizza, French fries, burgers, hot dogs and all the gluten in the world, including fried dough?

Well – I was just put in this situation this past week and luckily I planned ahead.

The key to keeping your healthy diet is to plan ahead. That’s the trick!

What do I mean by this?

Let me explain. My sister and I were a part of an event that took place at an amusement park in Connecticut and it was an all day thing. I’m talking 7am – 11pm!

We spoke the night before and made a plan.

We both brought peanut butter and jelly on gf bread, 3 hard boiled eggs each (for dinner), baby carrots, cucumbers, cashews, dark chocolate and bananas.

I’m not kidding!

What a brilliant idea it was.

We didn’t end the day feeling like crap and I can’t tell you how happy I was not to leave with a stomachache.

This is an example of a day trip – but I’ve also traveled on planes where I pack a whole slew of healthy snacks ie: gf crackers, Larabars and any other fillers that I might need while on the go.

Just because you leave the comfort of your own home, or city does NOT mean you have the excuse to eat like crap. I don’t care if it’s vacation, don’t do it. Sure, have a margarita every now and then, but to eat junk for every meal while away is not ok for you and your body.

Take some time to plan ahead – your temple will certainly thank you.

Yours in health,