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Yoga in the Grass

Yoga in the Grass

Group Pic

Group Pic – Yoga Retreat!

After returning home from a wonderful weekend yoga retreat I’m feeling grateful, blessed and honored!

Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful women (and 1 man!)

Blessed to work in a field that is my passion.

Honored to have shared the energy, restoration and nature with each person at The Garden.

One of my favorite parts was showing the student’s different restorative poses that they can relax in. Then I watched as they used the poses to relax on their own without my instruction! Now that’s a true yogi listening to their body. Priceless.

Another highlight for me was practicing yoga in the grass. As we stood in tadasana, mountain pose, the wind blew across our faces and rustled the trees. The sounds of nature inspired me to create new sequences and step out of my comfort zone. I stayed completely in the moment. We even saw 2 deer cross the field in front of us – incredible!

The food was vegetarian fare, inventive,  flavorful and not boring at all! It was all the things I could have possibly wanted for my retreat! Thanks Abby and Travis!

To feel in my element, relaxed, and at ease while working is exactly how I’d like to continue my career.

Stay tuned for future retreats. Next time it will probably be more exotic – Mexico or Costa Rica anyone? Which would you prefer? I’d like to know who’s interested in joining so I can start putting a list together. Email or message me letting me know your interest!

Can’t wait to share the retreat experience with you – it’s truly incredible!