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VT Crew

After returning home from an incredible yoga training in Vermont with Will Duprey, I’ve had a bit of a hard time assimilating back into “normal” city life.

Well, there I was, completely immersed in yoga day in and day out for two straight weeks. I felt great, (except for some belly issues due to the food) I continued my meditation and breath work practice and was surrounded by incredible, fun and lively people who were all in the same boat as me.
Then I arrived back to NYC and felt like the tiniest fish in a very large ocean. My emotions were soaring high those first two days because not only was I forced to say goodbye to some amazing people but I was also heading back to chaotic New York City. On most days I absolutely love the city but it is a challenge to get thrown back into it after being immersed in yogi land.

Now here I am, back in NYC and already I survived an earthquake AND a hurricane all in the same week! When it rains is certainly does pour!

My emotions have calmed down now but I am faced with asking myself the question: how will I keep up this positive, confident, soaring high feeling while living in NYC? So far what I’ve done is kept in touch with lots of people from my training and I will continue to do so. Only we understand the healing and positive energy we received from being present together in the same space for 2 whole weeks. I know that I can continue feeling great – although, let’s be honest, I know it will change as I travel along my journey.

My main focus is to stay positive, keep in touch and feel good.

My journey continues and so does yours.

Last night I had the opportunity to try a special yogic cleanse called Dhauti. In Hatha Yoga there are numerous cleansing techniques and this is one of them. You have to be guided by a teacher and in my case my teacher Will is certain that this cleanse is going to cure my colitis or definitely make me feel better!

Anyway, it’s only been less then 24 hours, so I can’t tell if I’m cured, but what I can tell is that my digestive tract and belly have been in a resting state for a lot of hours now and I am in awe.

You know when someone lies down on your belly to rest and they say, wow there sure is a lot going on in there! Well that is always the case for me. Last night after the cleanse I was resting and Chad in his loving way came to rest with me. I kindly asked him to put his head on my belly and tell me what he heard… S.I.L.E.N.C.E. is what he said.

I am so excited that I’ve had the opportunity to let my belly rest in this special way. My body is in harmony and my soul is able to rest knowing there is no pain.

I am excited and hopeful that this will be part of a new wave of feeling great!

I will continue eating very easily digestible foods for the next 2 meals and after that I’ll eat clean food until eternity!

Thanks to Will for showing me the way – I am grateful in every way.