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I promised to follow up from my previous post about the new security machines at the airport. I’ve done a good amount of research and there are numerous sites who’s information says ones thing and another site who says something else…

The bottom line is this: it is unknown the harm that these new x-ray machines can cause us. My question is, why put yourself through an optional machine where researchers are uncertain of the effects of it! If it’s not good for pregnant women, children and anyone who might possibly get breast cancer in the future then I don’t know who it is good for.

I urge you to choose wisely before going through security. There aren’t too many people who opt out, but why not? Even if they make you wait 10 minutes for your pat down, or it feels like they are judging you, who cares?! It’s your health, your body and that’s what you need to take care of.

Check out this website for more information regarding this issue:

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