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Today’s all about the revolution, what revolution you ask?

Yesterday I spoke to a man who had half of his colon removed due to ulcerative colitis – he said there’s only so much he can do now with only half of his colon but for those who do have their colon, there’s SO much to be done… Listen up everyone – we are starting a revolution in the IBD world (those who suffer from UC, crohns and other stomach problems) this disease can be changed and I believe there IS a cure! There, I finally said it. That’s what you’ve been wanting to hear isn’t it? The cure is to put in the work and effort to find the right diet and lifestyle that works for you and most importantly stick with it! It’s time to stop trying tons of diets, new fads and all that the media has to offer – it’s about time we listen to our bodies, get back to the garden and eat real, wholesome foods. It’s time to de-stress every single day, not just one time a week in yoga class or at the gym, but on your own at home.

The biggest news of the month for me is that I’m creating a program to help you with all of these aspects that I just mentioned. Hence the revolution I speak about above. It’s time for you to make your own revolution within your body. My program will focus on detox, how to find the right diet for you and how to create your own home practice where you can de-stress, breathe and feel great. We’ll teach you all types of tools to make this process of shifting into the world of health as seamless as possible. We can give you the tools, but it’s up to you to make the change.

This motivation is seeping out through my pores, I hope you can feel it. This revolution will be big!

Buckle up.

I leave you with this incredible song by Tracy Chapman.

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution: