Top 5 Reasons I Love Teaching & Practicing Aerial Yoga

Apr 1


Private Studio With Hammocks!

Private Studio With Hammocks!

Top 5 reasons I love teaching and practicing aerial yoga:

1) It’s something new and different

2) My body feels incredible afterwards

3) I’m strengthening parts of my body that I haven’t worked out in years

4) My spine and neck have never felt better. No back or neck pain!!

5) It’s a fantastic stretch for my colon and GI tract. When I feel cramping or bloating coming on, I run to my hammock and flip upside down, which helps bring blood flow to the area. It’s a great tool to be able to use on myself as well as clients.

Do you live in or around Rockland County and you’ve wanted to try aerial yoga? This is it! I am now teaching privates in my studio space in Sparkill, NY, which is near Orangeburg, Piermont, Nyack, New City, Tappan, Nanuet & Suffern. If you suffer from colitis, crohns or any other GI tract problem – this could be the best thing to help make you feel better. I know it’s helped me immensely and now I want to help you! If you’re interested in aerial yoga, then contact me NOW!

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