The Power of Words

Dec 11



This quote keeps popping into my head out of nowhere…

photo (45)

My vision board. Notice the words, colors and photos. This = ME!

The power of words… it’s almost indescribable. I was at a workshop this past week for people who want to start a yoga studio. This is what I thought my path was at this moment in time. After sitting with myself and listening to the very inspirational words of wisdom and advice from Joan Dwyer and Janis Bowersox I’ve changed my current path. We spoke about strengths, vision boards, mission statements, visions, numbers (oh the numbers…!!) and much, much more. I’ve realized that since moving to Rockland county, I need to work on cultivating and creating my yoga community here. I need to dive into giving incredible workshops, teaching more and spreading my healing love to Rockland County and beyond. Then maybe, once I’ve done all of that, which may take me quite some time, I might possibly be ready to open a yoga studio. I realize that for me – baby steps, community and feeling ready is really important. I do commend all of you who dive into things head first, but for me I think the process of cultivating myself and branding myself as a yoga teacher is a really important step that I can’t skip over.

With that being said: in the near future you’ll be hearing about fun workshops that I’ll be teaching, retreats that I’ll be holding and new classes on my schedule. If you’re ready to find your true self, let go of disease, live healthfully, naturally and with peace – then look for my posts! I want you to be there! I can’t create community on my own – and I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the incredible yogis and yogis to be in Rockland County, Bergen County and maybe even Westchester County. Stay tuned for awesomeness coming your way.

By the way, I just created a Pinterest and it’s SO MUCH FUN! It’s like digital collaging. Find me, follow me and I’ll follow you back!

Find out more about Joan Dwyer HERE

Find out more about Janis Bowersox HERE


  • Janis Bowersox says: Wow, Shira, What a delight to discover this post about the 3 day program I co-presented at Kripalu that ended THIS MORNING! You are lightening fast. Your Vision Board is beautiful, and so is your intention to create and cultivate community. Rock on, you are a revolutionary!

    • Shira says: Hi Janis, thanks for reading! The inspiration that I feel is pretty amazing. Thanks for helping to facilitate an awesome week with Joan. Be well, Shira

  • Bethany says: Great post Shira!! You’ll put the “rock” in Rockland County!!

    • Shira says: Thanks Bethany! Can’t wait to rock it out 🙂
      xo, Shira

  • Jen says: It was so wonderful getting to know you this week, Shira. Keep us all posted on your workshops. You might just see a familiar face there sometime soon!

    • Shira says: Hi Jen, It was wonderful meeting you as well and hearing about your story. Can’t wait to share our journeys together! Be well, Shira

  • Laura says: Thanks for your beautiful words Shira! And for bringing such love and light to us all in the workshop – and into the world. Can’t wait to take your classes and workshops 🙂

    • Shira says: Hi Toni, It was really incredible connecting with you this week as well. I’m excited that I have a new friend in Oregon! YAY for Barefoot Wellness! Can’t wait to see all that you accomplish as well. In health, Shira

  • Toni Goss says: Your gentle spirit, vision board, and business card billboard your talents and portray who you are. You said one of your strengths was organization which is a strong attribution in todays world. Please send me your resume when you get a chance. I wish we lived closer, I would hire you in a heartbeat. Peace Out! LOVE, Toni

  • Toni Goss says: Silly me. I just checked the top of the page and found your life story and credentials. I am so impressed and know that I need you in my life to grow Barefoot Wellness on the West Coast. Lets talk soon. 😉

  • nan say says: well worth to take this workshop…. i see you blossoming before my very eyes cant wait… please give it T I M E !!!!!!!! LOVE & hugs meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Danielle Duffy says: Hi Shira! Beautiful vision board, and beautiful vision! Can’t wait to hear more about your workshops!!!! Great to meet you!!! Stay in touch…

    Namaste, Danielle

  • Cathy Martin says: Shira – enjoy the journey!! You are an amazing healer and beautiful spirit. I am so inspired!!

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