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Aerial Yoga FUN!

Aerial Yoga FUN!

Things I Wish I Knew Thursday – Aerial Yoga


I wish I knew how much fun aerial yoga was 5 years ago! I feel lucky that I’ve come across it now. It’s better late then never! Last night I was playing around on the hammock (in my pajamas) and it was SO MUCH FUN! I practiced new Read more »

Partner Yoga Class

Partner Yoga Class

Need a new date night idea? How about coming to partner yoga? You’ll sample some delicious chocolates then you can float off to a romantic dinner. If you want to come to partner yoga with a friend – it’s a fantastic way to get in some great quality time together. What’s better then laughing, loving, massaging, breathing, supporting and having fun together?! It’s open to all levels – so even if you’ve never practiced before – now’s your chance to dive in. Join us! Our next one is March 22nd 4:30pm-6:00pm $25 per person. I’ll be your teacher, and Chad (my husband) will be my demo partner. Class will be held at Union Arts Center in Sparkill, NY. You won’t want to miss this. Read about our last class HERE. Sign up by contacting me HERE.

Hi Friends,

Chad and I have been searching for a new place to live for about a year now and we finally found it! This feeling of excitement, nervousness and anxiety all sit deep in my belly – and you can imagine what’s happening for me…!

It’s a roller coaster ride, that’s for sure.

We are moving out of NYC for the benefit of our health, peace, serenity, greenery and a new community.

It’s been challenging living here in NYC with the hustle and bustle. I’ve been grateful to have met beautiful people, incredible students and feel like I’m in the center of the universe! That’s what NYC is, isn’t it? C’mon I know you feel it (those of you living here!) Everyone wants to live in NYC – so why are we moving?

Well, we’re only moving 25 minutes away, so I know we will be coming into the city quite a bit. We’re moving because it’s time.

You know when you just know something is right – deep down in the bottom of your soul? That’s how this is. Even the way we found this apartment, it wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did and I’m excited about it. The place is brand new, no one’s ever lived there and it’s so tasteful that we only have to fix up a couple of things!

I’ll still be teaching in Astoria at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio and I’ll be simultaneously working on my own yoga community in the Nyack, Sparkill area.

I don’t feel like I’m moving so far away that I won’t get to see those near and dear to my heart – so not to worry ya’ll! I’ll be a short drive, bus or train ride away!

My online community won’t change though! Continue to look out for my whereabouts. I’ll be holding a yoga retreat in upstate NY this August. I haven’t sent out all the details yet, but stay tuned!

Much love to you all,