Things I Wish I Knew Thursday’s

Mar 27
Things I Wish I Knew Thursday's

Things I Wish I Knew Thursday’s

Things I Wish I Knew Thursday’s: T.I.W.I.K.T

I wish I knew that eating gluten free isn’t as hard as everyone says it is.

If I had known that changing my diet wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, then maybe I would have done it sooner. I was diagnosed with colitis in 2007 but waited until 2009 to make a change. There are a ton of tools to help you figure out what’s gluten free and what isn’t. Here are some tips and recipes to help you when going gluten free, there are many posts in that link so scroll through at your leisure. Don’t think too hard about making your diet change, just dive in and take the plunge – I’m 100% certain that your body will thank you.

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