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“Feel great, act great and approve of yourself.

This quote was on my Yogi Tea teabag this morning. I resonate with the “approve of yourself “ part of the quote. I’m sure many of you struggle with this. Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough in this world, Or that your work is not enough? Who are you trying to convince but yourself? As I reminisce about my past year, the things I’ve accomplished, my goals, etc. I find myself thinking: wait a minute – have I really accomplished my goals this year? Then I think again and say to myself – who cares??

Of course it feels wonderful to create goals, accomplish them and feel wonderful all the time about yourself, but c’mon who are we kidding? That doesn’t happen 100% of the time. I’m happy that I’ve accomplished 70% of my goals and the rest will roll over into 2013. Big whoop!

Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you didn’t achieve your goals, there’s always tomorrow. Stay optimistic, positive and happy – that’s what really matters.

Don’t let the new year, new you thing get you down. Think of the new year as a new start. Even if you’re working on the same project, think about it in a new light. Stay positive and all your worries will magically subside.

Chad and I started a new hobby. We collect our Yogi Tea fortunes and place them in a jar. It’s really fun to shake it up and pick out a fortune. They are always meaningful and most of the time we can apply it to our lives. I give you full permission to steal this hobby! It’s a fun one and should be shared.

Cheers to 2013!



I officially got back on my mat. I took a mini hiatus and with that I completely realized all over again how much this path to health is not just about eating properly – it’s about quieting the mind, de-stressing and soothing your soul too.  Sometimes I forget… I’m only human!

Yesterday I was in meditation and as I sat there, focused, relaxed and feeling good the bell chimed for me to finish and I was completely surprised that 30 minutes had passed so fast! WOOHOO!! I wish for everyone to find that in their meditation. What I wasn’t expecting was as soon as I finished my full morning practice, my mind was back on the hamster wheel. Even though I took that hour and a half to chill, calm my mind, breathe and quiet down, as soon as I came out of it I was back to thinking, planning, figuring out what I needed to do next.

What I realized was, without my sadhana my mind would be working to that capacity ALL the time! From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, to the moment I rest my head back down on the pillow. Phew…. That’s a lot of thoughts, planning, figuring etc…

I’m so thankful that I have come back to my sadhana. I wish that you too can find your own morning practice to take you to that place of real, deep relaxation. You deserve it. For all that you do, think and are throughout every single day.

Find time to soothe your soul. For us with digestive problems, it’s NOT only about food. You won’t realize that until you really make a change.

Work it…I know you can.

I leave you with my favorite quote by Swami Satchidananda:

“If you feel bound you are bound. If you feel liberated you are liberated. Things outside neither bind nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that.”

This is for those of you out there who suffer from adult acne. Do you ever wonder why your face always seems to be on fire?

That’s how I look at it – when I see someone with severe acne I think of it as a face that’s on fire, a body that’s screaming on the inside and can only find one way out – through the nasty little pimples that spring up on our faces.

I used to be one of those people too – that’s why I feel it’s ok to write about. Mine was never so severe, but it was there and I didn’t like it. I always noticed that my left side was consistently worse then the right. The way I began to see it was that I had a blockage on the left side – which made complete sense – that’s the side that I feel my colitis act up when I do have a flare up; everything is definitely related.

With the change of my diet and the addition of daily breath exercises I noticed a serious change in my face – it was clear!

I’m sure many of you out there are sick and tired of those ugly little pimples that keep popping out – even for those ladies who only get them near their period. Ask yourself one question? Why?

Now maybe you’ve already asked yourself this question and haven’t found an answer but I know that my body always sends me signals & messages to help me figure out mysteries within my own skin. For me, it was the sugar coupled with stress. So what did I do? I cut down on processed sugars and allow myself to have natural sugars at least once a day – so I’m not completely deprived.

What’s it going to take for you to make a change? Your face is already screaming for help. What else has to scream to make you understand that your body doesn’t like greasy food that gives you heartburn, or tons of sugar filled crap that makes you crash in 1 hours time – see what I’m saying?

Everything’s related.

Change your diet and watch magic happen. Your face will clear, you’ll feel better. Isn’t that what we all want for our new years resolutions anyway?

It’s not as hard as it seems. Take it one step at a time. Change one thing about your diet and see how it makes you feel – then change something else… it’s all about the baby steps.

If you have questions you know I’m always available to chat.

Yours in health,



Here is the second half of my lecture. Enjoy!

<After college I moved into Manhattan with my then boyfriend, now husband. I was again stressed out and searching for a job. Through the many informational interviews and internships – paid and un-paid – I came to realize that the line of work I had been searching for just wasn’t doing it for me.

More stress – and the only thing that truly made me feel better was practicing yoga and eating healthy. Two things that I knew I should be doing more of in my life. I was never one to eat a diet filled with lots of sugar, but my diet was nowhere near the healthy level that it is now.

One day, my now sister-in-law and I were talking and as I was recommending a food product that she should try – bam, her comment was: you should do this for a living – and that was it… As soon as I got home I ran to the computer and did research.

I found the Integrative Institute of Nutrition where I could obtain a certificate to become a health coach – PERFECT!

As well as going to school for health coaching, I signed up for yoga school because after going to the same weekly yoga class in college, I knew how amazing it made my body feel and I wanted to be able to give that to others. SO I got certified in an accelerated program in just one month! By the time I was finished with yoga school, I was all ready to learn about health coaching.

As a health coach, we learn about all the different diets out there, that one diet doesn’t work for everyone, and one person’s medicine might be another person’s poison. When talking to my GI doctor about which foods I should eat for my colitis he told me I could eat anything I want. My intuition told me that wasn’t correct so I did lots and lots of research to find out that those who suffer from colitis feel much better when going on a gluten free diet.  So, I tried it and it stuck. I now follow a gluten free diet, I limit my dairy intake since I know dairy causes mucus, and I seem to have an abundance of that, so the least amount of dairy the better for me.

As well as my Gluten free diet, I also stay away from processed foods, refined foods like white flour & white sugar and I stick to natural sugars like honey, maple syrup and agave. I eat lots of veggies as well as some meat but only once or twice a week and I always make sure it’s grass fed and organic because after seeing the movie Food inc I didn’t have a choice… For those who have seen it know what I’m referring to, and for those who don’t, I suggest you watch the grueling film about our country’s food industry.

I have learned an abundance of information about the importance of eating organic and I know that if I don’t pay attention to what goes into my body, then who else will? The way I see it is, my body is my temple, my home and if I treat it like garbage then I’ll most likely feel like garbage.

On top of my diet change, I’ve furthered my yoga practice. After learning how to create my own home practice to soothe my soul, I make sure to meditate and practice breathing exercises such as ujaii breathing, breath of fire and alternate nostril breathing every morning. We’re now going to practice alternate nostril breathing so you can see what I mean. I’ve learned to help calm the mind and body with this exercise. Let’s clear our laps, sit up tall in your chair and feel your feet on the ground: Do 3 rounds of alternate nostril breathing.

Since practicing yoga and breathing exercises everyday I’ve noticed a large shift in my stress level and I find myself able to control my breathing, which causes me to calm down when faced with stressful situations.

On top of all that I’ve already changed in my life to help my healing process, I’ve implemented a seasonal cleanse. My current yoga teacher, William Duprey taught me how to complete a yogic cleanse called dhauti – he was certain it would help clear my colitis symptoms completely. I wasn’t sure about this, but given my openness to trying new healing modalities, I was game. He gave me the instructions to drink a certain amount of Himalayan sea salt mixed with water and do specific yoga postures between each glass of water. Needless to say, I was in the bathroom all night but by the end of it I was completely cleaned out and ready to start fresh. So far, I’ve done this cleanse twice and have felt great after.  I intend to continue doing this each season because cleaning out the body is as healthy as it gets and it helps to clear my colitis symptoms too.

Now that I’ve spoken all about what I’ve done for myself to help me feel better, the only thing that would top off this talk is some actual research! Well, I do have it and I know we all appreciate results on paper – so here it is. I don’t have the numbers from my colonoscopy test in 2007, but when I had one in 2009 my DR. said the colitis was 11 cm up the colon and that number was slightly better then my test in 2007. This year, 2011 I had another test and my DR. said the colitis was just 3 cm up the colon making it proctitis instead of colitis! That’s a huge difference and means what I’m doing is actually working! The first thing the Dr. said when he told me that result was: wow, those enemas must really be working! – in my head I thought – Sorry dr. C but I barely take the enemas and there’s no way they did this healing.

I have to say that all the work I’ve done on myself has really paid off. I can’t say I’m 100% better, there are still days where I see blood and mucus in my stool but I know I’m on the mend, and the fact that doctors say this disease is incurable, well…. We’ll see about that. I have all the positive energy and thoughts to know that what I’m doing is working. With that, I leave you with a thought – even though disease is said to be in-curable, with will-power and the right tools, can it be cured? No one will ever know, but it’s definitely food for thought. I thank you all for listening and I hope I’ve given you some hope that whatever disease it is you or someone you know struggles with, don’t give up, talk to everyone you know until you find the right cure to make you feel better. Questions?>

A day or weekend out in the country completely soothes my soul.

I can’t think of anything better then being surrounded by oxygen generating trees, beautiful plants and flowers and the sound of birds, squirrels and many other animals going about their business.

When I spend time at my family’s country house up near Woodstock, NY, not only am I surrounded by loving family, but the smell of nature grounds me and brings me back down from being on a city high.

Living in NYC is actually wonderful, but sometimes I get so caught up in the rush that I forget to stay grounded and I become flighty, forgetful and stressed.

One day out in the country is all I need to reset my soul.

What is it that your body craves to keep you grounded?

Here are pictures of me practicing yoga among the trees.




Hello to all!

I don’t usually self promote but this one calls for a nice clink of the kombucha glasses!

I have a deal on for either 1 private yoga session for $35 or 2 private sessions for $65!!

Over the past few years I have learned an abundance of information about yoga, nutrition and health. I’ve got some great tricks up my sleeve, but don’t worry, nothing too hard for the beginners out there! This private yoga deal will surely give you lots more confidence to move on to the next level!

My skills allow me to teach a wide variety of students from beginners all the way to advanced practitioners.

I love working one-on-one with students; attention to detail is significantly increased and the student becomes more in tune and aware of their body, which is incredible to watch as the teacher! In each session I offer helpful adjustments, modifications and I always bring an all around sense of ease and comfort into the room.

If you know you need yoga in your life, but haven’t gotten yourself to class then this Lifebooker deal is the one for you! Don’t wait, buy yours now! It only lasts for 5 days!!

Here is the link:

Hope to see you soon!

With gratitude,


VT Crew

After returning home from an incredible yoga training in Vermont with Will Duprey, I’ve had a bit of a hard time assimilating back into “normal” city life.

Well, there I was, completely immersed in yoga day in and day out for two straight weeks. I felt great, (except for some belly issues due to the food) I continued my meditation and breath work practice and was surrounded by incredible, fun and lively people who were all in the same boat as me.
Then I arrived back to NYC and felt like the tiniest fish in a very large ocean. My emotions were soaring high those first two days because not only was I forced to say goodbye to some amazing people but I was also heading back to chaotic New York City. On most days I absolutely love the city but it is a challenge to get thrown back into it after being immersed in yogi land.

Now here I am, back in NYC and already I survived an earthquake AND a hurricane all in the same week! When it rains is certainly does pour!

My emotions have calmed down now but I am faced with asking myself the question: how will I keep up this positive, confident, soaring high feeling while living in NYC? So far what I’ve done is kept in touch with lots of people from my training and I will continue to do so. Only we understand the healing and positive energy we received from being present together in the same space for 2 whole weeks. I know that I can continue feeling great – although, let’s be honest, I know it will change as I travel along my journey.

My main focus is to stay positive, keep in touch and feel good.

My journey continues and so does yours.

Let Go Be Free

After all the excitement about my colonoscopy news I’ve had some time to think about what exactly I’ve done for myself to help in knocking this colitis out.

I’ve had people ask me how I’ve gotten to this point.

Well, here it is: I’ve had a major diet change coupled with yoga, meditation, and breath work and as if that isn’t enough, I see 2 incredible women, I work with a Therapist, I have a family to lean on and friends who stay by my side. My yoga teacher, although new to my mix of healers, has already shown me incredible, life changing tools to better my practice and myself.

Here is just a touch of the amazing healers in my life:

Dr. Crystal Joseph D.C., AK, CCSP: Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist.

When I step into Dr. Jo’s office I always know I’m in for a treat. She has incredible hands, which always know where to go. Whenever I have pain I lie on her table waiting for her to test my muscles and find the place that’s “out.” Her massages are unlike any I’ve ever had at a spa because she really knows how to get into the muscle to release whatever’s tight. Sometimes I don’t even have to tell her where to go and she knows… It’s not only about the adjustment though, she’s also very involved in the rest of my health and wants to know anything new that I’m trying or supplements that I’m taking. We always have interesting conversations and it feels like I’m visiting a friend who happens to be the most incredible Chiropractor I’ve ever encountered. Without a doubt, this woman has been a huge proponent in helping me heal my colitis.

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc: Aimee is my acupuncturist and boy is she incredible! Her office is like my sanctuary – I know I’m there to simply relax for a good 50 minutes and sometimes longer :). Aimee is always interested in me as a whole – that’s why I love her and Chinese Medicine. She takes my pulse, checks out my tongue and then begins needling as though she knows my body like a road map. Aimee knows so much about health, nutrition, supplements and so much more – it’s always interesting talking about these topics with her. I know Aimee has lots of patients but when I’m with her in the room it seems as though I’m the only one that’s important. That’s another reason why she’s so special – she gives her undivided attention at all times and that’s not something that’s always accessible with other practitioners. I always leave her office feeling calm, de-stressed and lighter, much lighter. Aimee also has a big part in helping me to heal.

I mention all of this because this is how I’ve helped myself heal. It’s not just one quick fix…

I’ve learned that to heal myself I need to let go and let myself get taken care of.

Sometimes you have to let others take care of YOU. If you or someone you know suffer from an illness find the right team. It’s so important to let go and let others take care of you. Maybe giving in to just that will help you heal. Find the right protocol for you – we’re all different and our bodies don’t respond in the same way.

Do the search, get recommendations and be free!

I love to share my experiences and can help you find your journey too.

Live long, enjoy life and smile  🙂

Last night I had the opportunity to try a special yogic cleanse called Dhauti. In Hatha Yoga there are numerous cleansing techniques and this is one of them. You have to be guided by a teacher and in my case my teacher Will is certain that this cleanse is going to cure my colitis or definitely make me feel better!

Anyway, it’s only been less then 24 hours, so I can’t tell if I’m cured, but what I can tell is that my digestive tract and belly have been in a resting state for a lot of hours now and I am in awe.

You know when someone lies down on your belly to rest and they say, wow there sure is a lot going on in there! Well that is always the case for me. Last night after the cleanse I was resting and Chad in his loving way came to rest with me. I kindly asked him to put his head on my belly and tell me what he heard… S.I.L.E.N.C.E. is what he said.

I am so excited that I’ve had the opportunity to let my belly rest in this special way. My body is in harmony and my soul is able to rest knowing there is no pain.

I am excited and hopeful that this will be part of a new wave of feeling great!

I will continue eating very easily digestible foods for the next 2 meals and after that I’ll eat clean food until eternity!

Thanks to Will for showing me the way – I am grateful in every way.

I recently returned from an incredible yoga journey to Guatemala. There I learned more about myself then I think I ever have before. What struck me the most was how incredible my body felt when given a healthy routine. We had a set routine everyday. I woke up at 6:25am, went to practice yoga from 7-9 ate breakfast at 9, lunch at 1 and dinner at 7. This was a continuous flow that allowed my body to become in synch with a natural rhythm. I was able to find peace and harmony within.

I didn’t realize how much my body craves rhythm…

Along with a yoga practice, we created a meditation practice that lasted 30 minutes everyday. It doesn’t matter how many times another individual tells you “you should be meditating everyday” once you do it on your own and see how it makes your body feel, only then can you make it a daily ritual.

I can tell you right off the bat that this was me… I was one of those people who other people felt the need to tell me that I needed to meditate everyday. They were absolutely right, but it wasn’t until I was pushed into a situation where I had to do it everyday did I actually commit.

Don’t ask me why this is, but I’m sure you can relate that when a person tells you “you should do this….” You’re most likely NOT going to do it!!

I can almost see you shaking your head because we all know it’s the truth.

Here’s my advice to you then: Whatever it is that you “should” be doing, get yourself to a place like a retreat or wellness center where it’s in your face everyday and you have nothing else to do but this “should” activity. Voila, in no time you’ll see how incredible it makes you feel and therefore it makes you want to fit it into your daily life.

I now have a set routine that I call my sadhana, which I practice everyday no matter what. It’s just as important as brushing my teeth (as my teacher, Will Duprey, says).

My stomach hasn’t felt this good in years. I almost feel cured!!

It’s almost as though a light bulb turned on and I’ve realized that I not only have to change my diet, but my meditation/breathing practice must be stepped up in order to create peace and calm inside my body.

In a stressful world and city, our bodies need a calm outlet. Give it that. Listen to your body and let it have what it needs.

Create peace and quiet within and let go of the negative energy, negative thoughts and simply bad attitude, it’s not worth it. If I told you that with each negative thought you were literally slapping your stomach would you continue to slap yourself over and over again?

Think about it…

Chill out and do something good for yourself today. Make your own sadhana, whatever that may be.

I’m always open for questions so please feel free to message me if you’d like.

Take care of your temple, that is your body of course!

Our yoga sanctuary for 10 days in Guatemala

Our yoga sanctuary for 10 days in Guatemala

Crow pose (Bakasan) on the dock

Crow pose (Bakasan) on the dock