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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Video – Click Photo


Chair Yoga Video

Chair Yoga Video – Click Photo

A couple of weeks back I was part of a video shoot at Healthfirst. I teach meditation and chair yoga classes there a few times per month and they wanted to be able to share my classes with their employees that work remotely. The videos are posted above for you to check out. Enjoy!

Have you taken your energy shower today? I teach a corporate yoga class at Healthfirst, a health insurance company located in NYC. This week we split our hour together working 30 minutes on a meditation practice and 30 minutes doing chair yoga. In our chair yoga session we practiced some energy work to get the blood flowing, release any pent up stress in the muscles and to give them easy tools in their toolbox to use at their discretion. I came up with the ‘energy shower’ and it’s awesome! Here’s a little clip of what it looks like. Practice this exercise at any time of day. If one spot feels extra good then stay there and shower yourself. Soak up the energy, you need it, we all do! Here’s another interesting past post that I’ve written.