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Have you taken your energy shower today? I teach a corporate yoga class at Healthfirst, a health insurance company located in NYC. This week we split our hour together working 30 minutes on a meditation practice and 30 minutes doing chair yoga. In our chair yoga session we practiced some energy work to get the blood flowing, release any pent up stress in the muscles and to give them easy tools in their toolbox to use at their discretion. I came up with the ‘energy shower’ and it’s awesome! Here’s a little clip of what it looks like. Practice this exercise at any time of day. If one spot feels extra good then stay there and shower yourself. Soak up the energy, you need it, we all do! Here’s another interesting past post that I’ve written.

IBD Meetup Group

IBD Meetup Group

Last week was my monthly IBD Meetup group. 5 of us came together to tell our stories, stretch, laugh, breathe, meditate and most importantly share knowledge together. I feel blessed that this group of people can come together each month and feel comfortable enough to talk about their bowels… that’s something that takes most people quite some time to open up about but not IBD folks! We’re ready, willing and able to talk about it any time of the day – in fact, we want you to ask us about our bowels, especially if it’s been a good day! We’re proud when it’s good – however when it’s a bad, flare up kind of day that’s not the time to be asking. A note to IBD significant others – make sure to be really excited for us when it’s a good bathroom day because they might not be so often and we need you to be happy for us! My next Meetup group is on March 26th will I see you there? Class is limited to 6 students so please make sure to RSVP HERE if you’d like to join us.

Be well!

Last week Chad and I took a mini vacation. It started as a business trip for Chad. We went to Manchester, England which was beautiful and decked out in the holiday spirit but we only spent one day there and then flew over to Amsterdam which was the actual vacation part of this mini trip. I say mini because we were away from Wednesday-Monday – it was short and sweet to say the least!

What I’ve learned from this trip was that it was MUCH needed. Sometimes both Chad and I get caught up in the NYC hustle and bustle  of life but it wasn’t until we left the city that we actually felt ourselves “come down” off of our NYC high. In Amsterdam we strolled the whole city, enjoyed delicious food and yes we even indulged in the typical Amsterdam “coffeeshops” where we really let our hair down.

As we returned back to the states, I was not only dealing with jet lag, but the reality of my life here – or how I’ve created my life here – In a rush. I’m always rushing. Why is it that I’m constantly hustling from place to place?

I even find myself hustling in the shower…

I’m aware that if I leave myself just half hour more time I wouldn’t be rushing all the time!

This is unacceptable.

This stops now.

How many of you rush through life? We know that if we left ourselves more time we could stroll to work, watch the birds, smell the flowers, take a leisurely shower but do we execute? So far I haven’t! I know, I know, I’m a yoga teacher and I absolutely love going to work everyday – but, you have no idea how much I am traveling throughout this city, even the boroughs!

Anyway, I don’t want to complain, I’ve done this to myself. Tomorrow starts a new week and my conscious effort to slow down starts immediately.

Over the past week I’ve been reminded not only to slow down but also to take that much needed vacation! It’s time to book it already! No more procrastinating.

Yours in health,