Apr 24
Macrobiotic Meal @ Kushi Institute

Macrobiotic Meal @ Kushi Institute

This past week Chad and I ventured up to the Berkshires to Beckett, MA where we attended an overnight at the Kushi Institute. Michio Kushi and his wife Aveline founded the institute in the 70’s as a macrobiotic retreat and training center. People from all walks of life attend the institute since the macrobiotic style of eating has shown to help many diseases such as different types of cancer, IBD and much more. 

The macrobiotic diet is highly influenced by Japanese style foods. They eat lots of seaweed, rice, grains in general, legumes and tons of vegetables. There are also condiments that you’ve most likely never heard of, such as umeboshi plums and vinegar.

I do think if someone is suffering from a disease such as cancer and has been eating the Standard American Diet then this form of eating will certainly give that person a serious detox. For people like Chad and I, we already eat a very healthy diet that incorporates many of the foods suggested in the macrobiotic way. We learned that continuing on our healthy path means incorporating certain foods but not going full out macrobiotic. It’s not possible for someone to show you a diet plan and know for certain that you’ll feel healthy. It’s all about trial and error, listening to your body and knowing what works and what doesn’t work for you and only you.

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