How Do You Know You’re In A Flare Up?

Mar 25


How do you know you’re in a flare up? Here are 5 signs that I know when I’m in a colitis flare.

1)   Bloating and pressure on the left side of my belly

2)   Lack of motivation and drive

3)   I can see blood or mucus in my stool

4)   Going to the bathroom more then once per day, typically due to stress

5)   After eating anything I get extremely bloated and uncomfortable

My advice to you is not to sit and let the pain ruminate, get moving. Here’s an example of an easy exercise that will help stretch your body. I also recommend seeing an acupuncturist and/or kinesiologist to help get things moving in the proper way. It’s very helpful to seek outside help since we can’t always rely on ourselves to feel better. Here are some extra tips for dealing with IBD.

What are some signs that show you’re having a flare up? Did I miss anything?

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