Dirty Dozen Contest

Mar 6


Hu Kitchen Contest

Hu Kitchen Contest


Do you know about the dirty dozen list of fruits and vegetables? It’s a list that shows which foods should be bought organic due to the harmful pesticides that seep into the food. If you don’t know about this list then I highly suggest you do some research because these foods are the most effected by pesticides and should be bought organic every single time. Hu Kitchen – one of my favorite restaurants in NYC – is doing a fantastic challenge. If you memorize the list of dirty dozen fruits and veggies and recite it back to them they will give you 15% off your entire purchase for 1 entire month! That’s genius! If you already know the list then you should just go to Hu, recite it and get your 15%. If not, then learn it and enjoy your discount. What a great way to get people in the know about what should be organic.

Apples – celery – cucumber – spinach – strawberries – cherry tomatoes – grapes – hot pepper – nectarines – peaches, white potatoes – sweet bell pepper

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