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New Studio in Sparkill!

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Hi there!

Since moving from NYC to Sparkill, NY, which is in Rockland County, I’ve been working to create my yoga community. Fortunately there are local yoga studios and happenings around town, that’s why we were drawn to living here in the first place! Since Sparkill is tiny, we are lucky to have many surrounding towns such as: Tappan, Piermont, Orangeburg and  Nyack which are all in NY – but we also have nearby towns in NJ too! Northvale, Norwood, Alpine, Closter, Montvale, Westwood.

The great news is that I now have a space below my apartment that I am able to hold yoga, meditation classes and privates. As well as working at The Aimee Raupp Wellness and Fertility Center in Nyack, NY I now have this brand new space that’s just waiting to be broken in by new students!

I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I specialize in teaching kids yoga, restorative yoga, gentle yoga, yoga for your belly blues, vinyasa yoga all levels and meditation.

All classes are $20 except for the FREE meditation class. Signup is required for all classes! Contact me

My class schedule is as follows:


8:15am-9:30am Vinyasa Yoga All Levels

9:30am-10am FREE Meditation class


8:30am-9:45am Vinyasa Yoga All Levels


9am-10:15am Vinyasa Yoga All Levels

I am also offering private and semi-private yoga sessions. If you are interested please contact me HERE for more info and pricing.

See you on the mat!


A few weeks ago I was having a flare-up. Yes, even I still get them. Even though I watch my diet, practice yoga & meditate, sometimes the flare-ups happen anyway. I’m only human! I am looking forward to a day in the near future when my flare-ups happen 0% of the time, but until then I’ll keep letting you know about my process.

I have noticed that my flare-ups happen less and are much less extreme then they once were (which I definitely see as positive!). Here’s what I tried this time around:

This yoga pose is very easy to do at home using pillows, a blanket and a chair.

If you are suffering from bloating, constipation, hemorrhoids etc. then I highly recommend that you try this. Stay in the pose for a minimum of 10 minutes and keep at it for however long feels good to you.

Relax to the Max yoga pose

The picture pretty much explains the pose, but a few things to be mindful of: make sure the pillow underneath your sacrum (your waistband) feels comfortable. Your pelvis should be slightly lifted. Make sure that your knees are on the edge of the chair. Cover yourself with a blanket and RELAX! Let go and surrender.

I like to call this pose: Relax to the Max Pose

While you’re in Relax to the Max, you might get a visit from a wonderful, healing, furry friend (if you have one!) let them serenade you with their love.

A Love Fest in Relax to the Max