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Trust fall partner yoga

Trust fall Valentines partner yoga

Valentines partner yoga supine twist

Valentines partner yoga supine twist

This past weekend I hosted a Valentines partner yoga workshop at Union Arts Center in Sparkill, NY. It was awesome! My husband Chad was my demo partner and we had so much fun together! It was such a wonderful way for couples and friends to connect in a loving, trusting, non-judgmental way! The class was open to all levels, so even if you hadn’t practiced yoga before I made it accessible to everyone. It was such a great time that we are planning to host monthly partner yoga classes at Union Arts Center. Why not right?? The simple act of touching each other in a supportive, helpful manner is absolutely priceless. Who wouldn’t want more touch in their life from loved ones? It’s all about healing, connecting, jiving and having fun together! Want to get some one on one time with that special someone? Or connect with your bestie? Come to partner yoga! I will let you know when the next class is. Here’s a rave review from one of the students in the Valentines partner yoga class, Kenyatta Jones-Arietta. This post here has a fantastic clip that will surely get your heartstrings moving.

Cheers to connection.

Today I officially became a yoga instructor! Sure I was a teacher on Feb 12th but today I received my certificate! WOOHOO!!

For those of you out there who would like to learn yoga I’m your lady! I’ve learned lots of skills to be able to work with beginner students as well as advanced.

If you have any interest in picking up this wonderful, feel good practice then please contact me and we can set up a time to work together.

I will be sure to let you know when I will be holding yoga classes – it will be in the very near future.