Spread the Love

Dec 20

My favorite scene from the movie Love Actually. Click picture to watch the clip!

Gratitude. That’s what this season is about right? Not just family, friends, traditions, food and drink, but also gratitude!

Throughout my yoga classes this week I ‘ve asked my students what they are grateful for. I asked them to pinpoint one thing, person, and quality about themselves that they feel grateful for. Want to try it?

We live such busy lives. Working, traveling from place to place etc… Do you ever get just one moment to stop everything and feel what it is that you’re grateful for?

Try it now. Close your eyes and tune in.

Find something, someone and one quality about yourself that you’re grateful for. Sit with your gratitude. Breathe in love, breathe out fear, anxiety and stress.

Now that you’ve realized what you’re grateful for, share it. Tell the person you feel grateful for. Write it in your journal. Tell someone else.

Feeling gratitude is wonderful, but sharing it is even better.

Spread the love. Feel it in your fingers & toes!

Cheers to you!

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