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Did you eat too much chips and dip at that Super Bowl party? I’ve got the perfect cleanse for you. It’s a yogic breathing technique that’s cleansing and gets the digestive fire moving. First thing in the morning, before you wake up – practice this exercise (watch the video above). It only takes 5 minutes to do and it’s totally worth your time. Then take a probiotic vitamin, drink warm water with lemon and start your day off right.

Cheers to your health!

Watch this video on super bowl Sunday for an awesome stretch sessinon

With the super bowl only 6 days away I thought I’d share some awesome yoga tips for anyone looking to get a little stretch in while they watch. You already know that if you spend too much time sitting it’s not good for your entire body! So take a stretch break and try these sun salutations that I’ve video taped. Follow along and feel fantastic through out the entire super bowl. Who knew that the super bowl and yoga go together?! You can practice one sun salutation on every commercial break! Get the whole party involved and before you know it you’ll be a yoga-teaching master!

If you live in or around Rockland County, come take a yoga or meditation class with me. You’ll need a boost after watching hours of football on Sunday.

Cheers to the super bowl and yoga 2014!