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There’s nothing like fresh tea from your own garden – even if it’s a small garden like ours. 2 weeks ago I planted herbs! I’ve always wanted to do this and now it’s happening. Why does it make sense to grow your own? Well, firstly you’ll save $$. How often do you need cilantro for a dish and are forced to buy a huge bunch that you know you’ll never finish? Now you have the opportunity to pick the exact amount that you need without letting it go to waste!

I hate throwing food away and that’s what I’m forced to do when I buy these large bunches. Now all I have to do is work on keeping my plants alive! I’m a rookie when it comes to gardening so if you have tips for me then leave them in the comment section!

Tea recipe from my garden:



Lemon Balm


Steep in hot water and let chill for iced tea or drink warm. Enjoy for a fresh, calming, soothing tea.