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Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

We’ve finally figured out a healthy, easy, homemade and delicious snack – chia pudding. Have you tried it? It’s SO easy. You can add any topping of your choice. Here are some of my favorites: Read more »

Dear friends,

I’d like to let you in on a bit of a secret – it’s something that I’ve been experimenting with for about a week now.

If you’re not already aware of the fact that I really enjoy baking then let me explain: I don’t bake with just any ingredients; I bake with wholesome products and foods that are actually good for you and won’t give you the crazy rise in your blood sugar that you are probably used to.

On that note, recently, I started to realize that the baking powder I was using in my goods was full of crap! AH! That completely defeated the purpose of my no crap baked yummies – so I spent a while asking others what they use instead of the store-bought stuff or eggs and of course I went blog surfing to see if anyone else found the same issue that I did.

I didn’t like what I was reading because they made their own baking powder out of other crap instead of buying the crap filled one from the store – – SAME THING!

Finally I came across a sensible woman who suggested I try using chia seeds. I was confused as to how these seeds would make my muffins rise­. In any case, I followed her lead and took 1 tablespoon of the chia seeds that I found at Whole Foods, put them in a bowl and doused them with 3 tablespoons of water. I waited about 5-10 minutes and voila, it turned into a jelly like consistency!

I mixed this into my muffin mix and it did rise! Since I was skeptical I didn’t use the entire batch of the seeds in the mix and I probably should have – I think it would have risen more if I had used the whole thing. I can’t believe it actually worked! WOOHOO! The next challenge is to see if this will work with my breads and cookies!

Hopefully you can try this in your next batch of cookies or whatever else you may decide to bake. The baking powder from the store is really not something we should be putting into our food – try this alternative for a healthier snack!