Kuzu – the Magical Root

Feb 20
Kuzu Root

Kuzu Root

I have found another miracle given to us in plant form. Kuzu – or you may know it as kudzu root. This particular root has managed to grow all across the southern states of the U.S. causing lots of headaches for many. Well, maybe if they knew how to use the kudzu in a medicinal way, then they would no longer have the headache!

The Chinese and Japanese cultures have used this starchy root to aid in the healing of many illnesses including colitis :). It is also used:

– To relieve tiredness and restore vitality.

– To treat digestive and intestinal issues such as indigestion

– For colds, which are often related to intestinal weakness.

– As a drink to relieve over acidity, bacterial infection and excess water in the case of diarrhea.

– To bring quick relief from abdominal pain and intestinal irritation.

– To combat alcoholism

– For anxiety and insomnia or sleep deprivation***

In addition to medicinal use, it is also used to thicken foods instead of using cornstarch.

This list can go on, but I’ll stop there. I think you get the point that this root has incredible medicinal properties. For me, I take it at night to help me sleep and lower any anxiety that I may be having. Of course I use it for my colitis as well, but love the fact that it helps me sleep better. Amazing…

Here’s how I use it before bedtime.

Take one spoonful of the starchy chunks and mix them with about ¼ cup of apple juice or any juice that you have around the house. You only need a small amount of juice to dissolve the root so you can drink it down. It doesn’t have a taste so there’s nothing to worry about with that.

You can buy kuzu in the Asian section of your grocery store or health food store where they sell the seaweed, soy sauce etc…

I think this is some really important information to help heal any gastro problems you may be having – or any anxiety that you might be experiencing.

Take this advice and use it well! Share it with others.

Sleep well.


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