Sesame Oil as Face Moisturizer

Apr 13
Sesame oil for your face

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Last week I went to my accupuncturist Aimee Raupp who is an amazing woman to say the least. She offers great advice and even wrote a book called Chill Out and Get Healthy. In our last session we were talking about skin care products and I was explaining that I was frustrated about the constant marks from pimples that keep appearing on my face!

I eat pretty cleanly and I guess I have a bit of stress going on in my life, but I’m just frustrated as to why my face isn’t clearing up!

She recommended that I use sesame oil on my face. I know… doesn’t that seem like the complete opposite of what I should be doing?! I looked at her sideways but decided to try it anyway. She recommended that I wash my face with water, dry it off and then apply the oil lightly with a cotton ball. My face looks amazing! I still have the marks but I’m hoping that the oil will help to “lower the heat” in my face as she put it.

I apply it morning and night, just like if I were to use any face cream. I apply my makeup on after the oil and it seems to work well. The trick here is that there are different oils for different types of skin. Some people use coconut oil, some use sesame… You have to be recommended by either an acupuncturist or Ayurvedic doctor.

This is much better then any face cream I’ve ever used. I keep getting compliments that my face is shiny and glowing! No joke… I’m shocked!

Just thought I’d pass on this great news – hopefully this can work for you too. Give your face wash and face cream a rest for a while and let your face be natural. Make sure the oil is organic and try it for at least a week if not longer – it won’t change in just one day – keep that in mind when you’re frustrated that your pillow smells like sesame and you’re not seeing a change – Give it a chance!


  • emily says: I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m gluten free. so nice to read about your not feeling cursed and embracing it. I too feel SOO thankful I figured out the main cause of my stomach woes!
    Anyway, I’m just curious how long you’ve been using the sesame oil? I’m curious what the long term effects are (as in a week or two).


  • Michelle @ Find Your Balance says: Yup, I’ve tried both sesame and coconut and love both. If I have time, I smear it on really heavy and let it soak for 10 minutes before rinsing off the excess. You’d think this would help if I had dry skin, but nope, I tend to have oily skin. Go figure.

  • new weight loss says: cheers for this great Blog post. Great topic to talk about on my site. I may set a bookmark to your page.

  • Jess M says: I recently started doing this as well because a make-up artist I met told me that my oily skin was actually my body over-compensating for my dry skin (which makes sense because my skin is dry everywhere else but my face). She suggested using oil on my face and I thought she was nuts, but then one morning I decided to try it. It feels fantastic!

  • Kara says: I just heard of this as well and am excited to try! Does the sesame oil have to be cold pressed or expeller pressed? I bought unrefined expeller pressed from Whole Foods today? Is this ok? Thanks! 🙂

    • admin says: That should be fine! Next time try to find an organic brand for sesame oil. I buy mine online from Banyan which makes a really nice one. It’s pricey but lasts a really long time! Hope that helps. Thanks for posting 🙂

  • Princess says: I do agree wit d above said..My face does look grt after i started using it..Usually after my bath, my face gets so dry n it drove me into deep irritation..My mind jus told me Y dont yu give sesame oil a try for yo dry skin..I use it everyday b4 my bath n ive actualy started tellin myself, “Yo such a pretty young lady. You look awesome”.

  • rose. says: I use seasame oil 4 the past 3 years nd it is the best face makeup I av ever known.

  • Laura says: I’m not surprised about the sesame oil. I was in a high end beauty “treatment” office. I had red skin and was still fighting acne at 28. The first thing they recommended was a face capsule product that was mostly pure sesame oil. It was wonderful. Absorbs quickly and made my skin feel so soft and smooth. You don’t need any special recommendation to use sesame oil, it’s a very common skin care secret. I highly recommend it. I tend to make my own skin moisturizers with essential oils and I avoid all the preservatives and nasty emulsifying ingredients in “creams”. Yes. OIL on the skin is good for acne and even oily skin. Just stay away from Mineral oil (baby oil).

  • akki says: I am having pimles and its mark s on my face … will sesame oil will be helpful for my face to remove it…

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