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When I started my new diet people kept wondering where I was getting protein from and if I was eating enough of it. What our culture doesn’t understand is that we are getting TOO much protein and our bodies don’t need so much to survive. Eating protein at every meal is not necessarily a great idea. What happens when we eat protein is that all of our digestive organs are working really hard at digesting this food – if they are working so hard to digest then they are not helping the body to heal.

In my case, my ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and it’s very important to have my organs working to help heal my inflamed colon. I’ve cut down the amount of animal protein that I consume because it’s known that it causes mucus and it’s not an easily digested form of food. I try to take it easy on my digestive system by eating foods such as whole grains, starches, and vegetarian proteins. Occasionally I eat fish and chicken but only if they are organic and raised humanely.

It’s interesting to see how much emphasis our society puts on eating protein – I’ve been guilty of it for many years and have just slowly started realizing that I get plenty of it by eating quinoa, tofu, tempeh, rice and beans and many other forms of vegetarian protein.

Try paying attention to how much protein you eat and think about possibly cutting down. I’m not saying not to eat any protein at all because we need it for energy but you can try cutting back a little bit. Most importantly try to be aware of what you’re putting into your body and understand the effects that it has on your digestive system.

Have a nice day.