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Restorative Yoga with Shira

Restorative Yoga with Shira

This Thursday 2/27 from 10:45am-12pm I’m teaching a restorative yoga class at Nyack Yoga at 42 Main street in Nyack. Petrina Plecko typically teaches a therapeutic class at that time, but she’s away and asked me to sub. This class will be filled with delicious, relaxing, supportive, nourishing poses to help soothe and heal your body, mind and soul. If you’re having any symptoms of disease, this class will give you helpful tools to relax on a daily basis. I can’t think of a better way to spend your Thursday morning. Make your way over to Nyack Yoga at 42 main street in Nyack, NY. Let’s breathe together!

Restorative Yoga

I am using my couch pillow underneath my knees, pillows under my hands and a blanket to cover me. Set a timer and relax for 20 minutes!

Currently we’re on the 11th day of the 21-day restorative yoga challenge. It’s a challenge for you – and only you. Can you practice 1 restorative yoga pose for 20 minutes every day for 21 days? On the Facebook page, which you can get here, I will show you which pose to do each day. Join us.

Why do I love restorative yoga so much? Maybe you’re wondering what restorative yoga is? In this current world that we live in we are constantly bombarded with emails, questions, business, family, pets, life… When do you get a chance to actually do nothing? When you go on vacation once or twice a year? Restorative yoga helps you take a 20-minute vacation in your own home. Shut down the screens, turn off the noise, find solace in your sacred space called your home. Silence your phone, unplug and unwind for 20 minutes a day. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t sound so long, but when you actually lie down and set yourself up to rest the thoughts bombard your mind and you might get restless – this is all part of the challenge. Stay with it. Don’t let your thoughts get the best of you – show them who the boss is. You have control of your thoughts. I repeat: you have control of your thoughts. Turn them off and restore. You’ll be so well rested that you won’t even know what hit you!

Now you can see why I love restorative yoga and want to share it with the world!  Practice with me even if you’re not in Rockland County or NYC, you can be anywhere in the world! Here’s the Facebook page for you to see which pose to do each day. Join us.