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Recently I’ve been watching a substantial amount of the Food Network. I love seeing all the chefs’ techniques and the little tips that they throw in, but the one draw back is that I don’t like any of their food! I watch the Food Network and I don’t cook any of their recipes… it seems like there’s something wrong with that picture.

Well here’s why – they don’t cook ANYTHING healthy. Rachael Ray has a few recipes that may be a bit healthier then the rest of the other chefs, but for the most part they all cook with lots of butter, sugar, oil and eggs. Giada De Laurentiis is so meticulous and has such a specific way of talking to us viewers that watching her in the kitchen is mesmerizing but, again, her recipes are full of butter, sugar and are just plain unhealthy. The Food channel has lots of programs ranging from 30 minute meals, to recipes that use a very small amount of money, as well as using only a few ingredients – all of these programs help to quicken the cooking process but my question is: where’s the healthy food??

There’s not much more I can say except that I hope this changes – BUT if it doesn’t, well then maybe one day you’ll see me on the Food Network channel with my own healthy cooking show! If we don’t teach the deliciousness of healthy food then how will people know that it’s better then junk food AND nutritious at the same time!

I will be cooking some new recipes in the next few days and IF they go well I will blog about them!

Try watching the food network, their technique really is fantastic. Enjoy!