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Ingredients for turmeric tonic

Ingredients for turmeric tonic

Steep tonic

Steep tonic

Since it’s been cold and rainy for the last 24 hours and won’t be stopping until noon tomorrow, my body needs extra warmth. Covering up with warm clothes, blankets and thick socks isn’t even cutting it! I decided to concoct a delicious warming tea that will surely warm me from the inside out – which is exactly what I need. Turmeric aids inflammation Read more »

For the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with a shoulder injury. Yes, it really sucks! As a yoga instructor it’s been a challenge for me not to use my arms AT ALL during the classes that I teach. I haven’t done any demos in class and it’s very frustrating to say the least.

The Dr. says I have bicep tendonitis. How did I get it ? No clue! He said it’s from over use, Oh man – over use?! How can I NOT use my arm?

Everyone keeps telling me that this injury will be one of the biggest teachers in my life – since it will show me how to get out of my comfort zone and find a new way to still be a great teacher. Well, it’s been a rough few weeks but I’m finally starting to see the light. I definitely had my down and depressed days where I was so upset that it was hard for me to do much, but I’ve since figured out how to move on and be okay about where I’m at now.

I’ve learned to take it step-by-step, day by day and not get too caught up in the frustration of it all. Patience is key in this life and boy have I been given a fine teaching of that.

Here are 2 natural anti-inflammatory supplements that I’ve added into my daily regimen and found to be very helpful.

New Chapter’s  Zyflamend

Liquid Turmeric in a tincture.

Cheers to our health!