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Dear friends,

It’s been an exciting few weeks! My gluten free, vegan, baking adventure is quickly taking off. My new name is The Lovely You Bakeshop. We’re working hard on getting our samples out to lots of different people and stores to see everyone’s reactions. We’ve had very good responses so far and are continuing the process to see where this takes us.

We tackled our neighborhood of the upper west side today and it was a lot of work but we met some really great people who gave us lots of advice. Stay tuned to see where our brand winds up. If there’s a store or café that you feel we would be a good fit for then please let us know, we’d love to talk or send samples.

Thanks for your support!! We hope to spread our gluten free, vegan goodness all around New York and the surrounding states.

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

Dear blog friends,

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been working on… my own gluten free, vegan, no refined sugar muffins! I’m creating my own brand! YES you heard me… finally after all those thoughts of creating something on my own I’m actually making it happen. Let me introduce you to:

*** The Lovely You: Treat Yourself.

I am creating a logo as we speak and am getting very excited about this amazing new market that I’m about to dive into.

Of course there are some kinks to work out, like how to get my muffin papers to stop sticking to the delicious muffins! I’ll figure it out, although if anyone has any suggestions for me I’d greatly appreciate them. I may just decide to do away with the papers and simplify the whole situation!

My IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition) friends are hosting an event next Saturday, June 26 where I will be having one on one yoga alignment sessions as well as selling my newly branded Lovely You muffins. Please contact me for more information (my contact info is in the tab above). This event was incentive for me to make my brand happen and I am SUPER excited to make my debut.

Stay tuned for more info regarding The Lovely You and where you’ll be able to purchase them.

Enjoy your beautiful weekend!