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Easy peasy dinner recipe

Easy peasy dinner recipe

There’s a common misconception in our society that we need to eat protein at every single meal. I beg to differ. Protein in one or two meals a day is plenty in my book. In fact, the American society is the only one I know of that makes dinner the heaviest meal of the day – everyone else eats heaviest at lunch so that they have the rest of the day to digest. Read more »

We had a barbecue in our apartment! That’s right – you heard me! We just received a grill pan for our wedding and wow- this was an amazing experience! Who knew that in our tiny kitchenette in NYC we would be able to have a barbecue – or at least get the bbq flavors in our food! A genius created the Lodge Grill Pan – because I know every person who walked through the halls that night thought someone had a legit barbecue set up in their tiny apartment. HA we fooled them!

We made organic lime cilantro chicken burgers!!! And grilled veggie kebabs!

Wow it was so flavorful that I can’t resist posting the recipe down below:

For the chicken

Organic ground chicken meat

½ cup diced scallions (using the green and white part)

½ cup chopped, fresh cilantro

Salt to taste

A pinch of black pepper

Garlic powder to taste

1 lime

For the veggies:

Wooden kebab sticks

1 yellow onion quartered

1 zucchini cut into thick pieces

1 yellow squash cut into thick pieces

5 mushrooms quartered

1 lime

Place the chicken meat in a bowl and add the scallions, cilantro, salt, pepper garlic powder and ½ the juice of one lime. Mix together to incorporate all the ingredients into the chicken. Form into patties and place to the side on a plate. Turn the burners of your stove on and place the grill pan over the burners to heat it up. Once hot place the burgers on the pan and begin grilling! With the other half of the lime squeeze some of the juice over each side of the burger while it’s cooking for a bit more flavor.

Put each piece of veggie on the stick to make your kebobs, alternating the veggies. This should make 4 sticks. Place them on the grill turning frequently – using the other lime sprinkle lime juice over the veggies again for some nice flavor. Cook until nice and tender and until the burgers are cooked through. ENJOY your barbecue!