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Apr 29

The other night I was craving meat… Yes, sometimes a gal has cravings and needs what she needs. This is the kind of meat eater that I am – every once in a while, not an everyday type of thing, grass fed, and sourced well, then I’m ready for it!

I went to Hu Kitchen again, which is really delicious if you haven’t been yet. Since I’m not so used to eating meat I had a bit of heartburn after the meal. It may have also been because the meat was made with tomato sauce or tomato puree, which is also acidic – nonetheless, I was feeling it afterwards.

When we got home I thought I’d take some grapefruit seed extract (GSE) to see if it might help. BAM! No more heart burn. It took the burn right away and I felt great. What a miracle.

What is GSE anyway? It’s a highly concentrated blend of the pink pulp, orange skin and seeds of the grapefruit. It’s a powerful antioxidant, alkalizes and purifies the blood (taking care of heartburn), fights gastrointestinal disorders (especially food poisoning), Prevents contagious diseases and destroys infections. This is a powerful supplement that can reduce bad cholesterol and even treat diabetes! Give it a try if you suffer from any of these problems mentioned above.

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Or at your local health food store.

Spread the word because this supplement is not widely known and it should be!

Just so you know, it doesn’t taste very good – so have fresh water on hand to drink up afterwards. If you take the supplement for heartburn then mix about ½ cup water with 8 drops of GSE. Stir and drink. If you need it for food poisoning take about 10-12 drops with ½ cup water. If you take it daily to maintain gastro disorders, take 8 drops with water. When you travel to third world countries and don’t want to get a belly bug, take this miracle supplement everyday 12-15 drops mixed with ½ cup bottled water and you should be fine! When I’m having a flare up with colitis, I’ve taken this to help and it works!

Share this with friends! It’s a necessary supplement to have on hand at all times.



  • nan say says: thank u dr. turk…… i just purchased the newest reccd. thank u sooooooooo much love ya nance

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