Making Yourself Happy

Sep 17

Last night I made it a point to head to the gym. As I was on the elliptical I thought back to the last time that I’d been to the gym and realized it was more then a few weeks ago! Recently I’ve had a lot going on in my life but I need to remind myself that it’s no excuse.

Taking care of my body is SO important – especially when I’m going through a hard time. I need to let my feelings and emotions out through sweating – not just through a yoga class but also through cardio exercise.

I’m a bit mad that I let myself go for this long but I decided to use that anger and write about it. I hope you can all relate to this and remember that there’s nothing more important then taking care of yourself – even if your grandmother is on so much pain medication that she doesn’t recognize you and your family – you STILL need to take care of yourself.

Clearly that last line pertains to myself and it’s been a difficult few weeks watching my grandmother go through a really hard time. As we all know, life is just like a roller coaster and if you don’t take the ride, you’ll never learn, feel or grow.

Please try your hardest to make time for yourself today – whether that means taking a jog through the park or laughing with friends.


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