Fruit/Veggie Detox

Jul 23

Since I have ulcerative colitis I’ve had times when I’ve had what they call “flare ups” meaning I DO NOT feel well at all and it can last from one day up until three or four days. Well, I’ve done lots of research and have finally found a way to calm my mind and stomach down.

With food I’ve found that if I strictly eat fruits and veggies for at least one whole day my belly gets cleaned out and it’s magical! I immediately feel better once I start pouring the fresh fruits and veggies down into my system. I recommend this if any of you struggle with chronic pain and discomfort.

Calming my mind is another story. I try to take time out of my day to really just relax and clear my mind as best I can.

The trick to feeling better even after you finish the one-day detox is to begin a food journal to see what foods are actually bothering you. This will help pin point anything that’s causing you to feel discomfort.

If your hurting now then I really hope you feel better because believe me I completely understand. If you want to chat I’m here to talk.



  • Ruth says: You are so right Shira. Calming the mind is harder then calming the belly but since mind and body are connected it makes sense to take care of both. I have found that doing Yoga is a very good way to calm the body since Yoga is also about breathing. The breath is what takes us to the next level of relaxation which, in a world full of stress and anxiety, we have to do all that we can to take as good care of ourselves as possible.
    Thanks for being so inspiring.

  • thehealthymix says: Yoga is and has been a part of my weekly routine for quite some time now. I also find it very relaxing. It calms my mind, body and soul as well as my stomach. Thank you for your kind words.

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