I have struggled with stomach issues my entire life. I cut out gluten which dramatically helped however recently, while getting married, the stress became too much for my poor belly and I was bloated and uncomfortable constantly. I found Shira’s program just in time! The program has a unique cleansing approach. It is very thorough and well thought out. The recipes are yummy. My belly has not felt this good in a very long time. I have integrated many of her principles into my day to day life and now I feel equipped to know what to do if I get a stomach “flair up” again. I feel confident recommending this program to anyone. — Allison, NY, NY

I have purchased Shira’s program and received the program within minutes of purchase. Impressive! She is an inspiration and has put together a very nice program covering the right foods to eat along with supporting recipes, yoga and mediation supplements, and willingness to help you with your journey to improved wellness. She has been selfless with her knowledge of yoga and has inspired me to grow with her encouragement! That is hard to find in our hurried lives! — David P, Michigan

After reading The Fix Your Belly Blues, I felt both inspired and much more knowledgable on Ulcerative Colitis and how to ease and relieve some of the chronic pains that come along with the condition. It’s a well thought out program that works. It is thorough, informative, easy to follow and user friendly. I give this product 2 thumbs up. — MO, NYC

When I came across Shira’s Fix Your Belly Blues Program, I was instantly intriged. As a health coach I know a thing or two about health. As someone with Ulcerative Colitis, proctitis, and pancolitis at a low point, I’ve educated myself deeply in GI disorders and eventually natural remedies, even with this knowledge I learned A LOT from the program. Shira has created an easy to follow program complete with suggested grocery store lists, sample gut healing nourishing meals and recipes broken down by day and week progressing through the program. With the easy to prepare recipes you’ll look like a culinary chef as you share with your friends. If yoga or meditation is your thing you’ll LOVE and appreciate this addition. If you’re new to Yoga you’ll find simple instructions on specific poses, even videos, to mediate your belly blues. You will feel her dynamic personable radiant personality in the writing which inspired me to read on, wanting to learn more…. — Joel Sprechman, Yoga teacher, health & wellness coach

I was interested in finding an easily accessible guide which encouraged healthful, clean eating – I found it! This book is broken-out into different weeks of the Program for cultivating a fresh, nourishing diet. The Fix Your Belly Blues Program is very well organized, clearly written and full of helpful little surprises, including links to meditation videos, yoga stretches and a terrific recipe on how to perfectly cook brown rice. Thanks Shira!I highly recommend this primer for anyone interested in feeling the energizing effects of a thoughtful diet and more present lifestyle. — NZ, Boston

“Earlier this year I conferenced with Shira on the phone and what a relief it was to finally talk to someone who understood what was going on with my stomach! In desperation and in determination not to use prescription or over the counter medication, I did an Internet search for someone who could teach me meditation, yoga and address my stomach ails. I didn’t think I would find someone who could address all three, but I did! Shira was perfect for what I needed. She taught me in a simple and doable way, how to relax my body (particularly my stomach) through breathing and meditation and how to incorporate yoga into my daily routines. I couldn’t believe that I finally was able to quiet my mind and do some simple, but very effective yoga asanas everyday and feel so good afterwards.

I had been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD and was to take “the little purple pill.” With Shira’s guidance and dietary suggestions (she took the time to research and email me her findings) I did not have to resort to taking any medicine, Instead I did what she suggested and now my condition is under control with the added perk of knowing what to do when I feel a flare up coming.

I sincerely believe that the universe guided me to Shira and I all the better for it. It isn’t often that we encounter people who genuinely care and whose energy fills you with peace when you are in their presence.

If you are looking for someone with patience, understanding and knowledge on how to deal with stress Shira is the one to reach out to. If you want to improve your quality of life, Shira is the one to seek out. You will be so grateful that you did.”
— MP, Tappan, NY